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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Kansas
Member since: Mon Dec 14, 2020, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 864

About Me

Bleeding heart liberal, in the mold of FDR, and damned proud of it! Retired, still doing web work and teaching. Still rescuing animals and finding, as well as giving, them warm, loving homes. My personal belief: all alive are precious; everything living on earth forms an interconnected network - much like a neural network. Most of us have forgotten, or never learned, how to tap into it. Of course, there are those that totally ignore the interconnectedness. Mostly Republicans/Libertarians (YMMV)

Journal Archives

Just voted in Leavenworth County

So, there wasn't much to vote for... but every little bit helps, right? (gryn)

Did my due diligence and researched as best I could all those on the ballot for commissioner, water works, and school board. Even found party affiliations on some. Checked in with some good Democratic friends on other pols I was unsure of, and they had answers I hadn't been able to find. Went to our normal polling place, only to find we'd been redistricted out to another --church-- several blocks away from our house. We've voted in the --church-- across the street in every election since we moved here several years ago. I guess having a family of two democrats was entirely TOO disruptive in their pristine district. Do I have to mention how irate I feel right now? How demeaned I feel? How second-rate I feel? How unwanted I feel?

God, if only I had the money to move to a blue state with like minded people. I envy you guys so much, and want to be with you SO much. I've only lived 2 places for any length of time in my whole 65 years -- Texas and Kansas. Never in my entire life have I ever felt like my vote... my voice... ever counted for anything. It is so disheartening. Still... every election, no matter how small, hubby and I do our research no matter how long it takes and go forth to do our civic duty and vote our conscience. How could we do anything less, especially in these treacherous days?

So, even if all you get to vote on is dogcatcher... GO VOTE... and make sure it's a Democratic Dogcatcher! The dogs will thank you for it!

Nov 3:

Just wanted to say we elected the Commissioner we wanted. Yea!!!
AND the decent School Board Member! Double Yeah!
AND I think the Water Works Member (Still trying to verify that... even the webpage at KS could use a UI rebuild for ease of use!)

They may have kicked me out of my original district. But I'm going to kick back twice as hard from now on!!!! And these Pagans will STILL hold our heads up high as we walk into those --churches-- to cast our votes! (I'm a big believer in separation of church and state! When they move it up to the sacristy, then I'll really worry! (LOL) )

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