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Europe's third wave: Even the country with the highest vaccination rate cannot hold back the tide

The Telegraph
Matthew Day
Sat, March 13, 2021, 11:12 AM

(COVID-wise, Europe is historically about 2 weeks ahead of the US of A.. Watch out !! My comment)

It’s an unwelcome paradox for Hungary. Medics have dispensed over a million vaccinations, and the country now only trails Malta in the EU when it comes to vaccinations per capita, but all this has failed to prevent Hungary suffering from a crippling third Covid-19 wave, with Hungarians testing positive in record numbers.

Hungary’s health authorities reported on Friday a new daily high of 9,011 positive tests, while another 130 deaths brought the country’s Covid-19 toll to 16,627. On the same day the number of Covid patients in hospital rose by 389 to reach 8,718.

The country now has the third highest Covid-19 fatality rate in the world, and is fourth place globally in deaths per capita, according to information from the John Hopkins University.

All this despite Hungary using Russia’s Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinopharm vaccines to help drive the vaccination rate up to 13.2 doses per 100 people, far better than the EU average of 9.1.

Tamas Sved, secretary of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, has said that the country’s health system “is almost at capacity”, not through a lack of bed and ventilators but through a lack of the specialist staff needed to keep the seriously ill alive.

Hungary’s media is now reporting that hospital doctors are having to decide who lives, and who dies.

Should I get the JAVA update?

I have Windows 10 on my desktop.
Every day I get a little pop-up notification that a JAVA update is ready to install.
Should I do it?


The battle isn't over. To honor Jamie Raskin, and to save America,

we, each of us, now needs to 'become Jamie.'

Thank you to the kind folks who gave me hearts.

As a newbie it means a lot.

Happy Valentines Day to all !!

Chick Corea passed away.. RIP

McConnell and the DEMOCRAT party !!!

McConnell, in his opening speech on the Senate floor, said "the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.

I could have spit...


Tammy was beautiful !!

Most up to date tracker I can find

It is closing.....

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