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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,095

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Your thoughts - did the Lincoln Project's stunt play any role in the Virginia loss? nt

One thing Dems can do now - fire the Parliamentarian.

This is a perfect example of Dems "playing by the rules" - even little nitty rules - and losing.

FIRE THE PARLIAMENTARIAN --- as the GOP did when they got an adverse ruling.

FFS!!! Paul Ryan fired the Congressional CHAPLAIN when he dared to speak about social justice! And they didn't give an F. NO ONE DID.

Forest for the trees!

I hope Dems learn to create a nation-grabbing PR stunt out of nothing the way the

GOP does.

We need to understand we are fighting on the culture war field --- not he field of facts.

since 2pm this afternoon, I have received 4 emails from Terry McAuliffe and one from James Carville

about Terry McAuliffe.

the GOP are OPENLY nazis and yet Dems are LOSING the messaging war! This is one of the reasons:


I mean, it NEVER EVEN OCCURRED to her that he entire GOP is aligned against ALL of these policies!
But she vows to use her platform to poison voters and blame Democrats!??????? WTF!!!!!

That is how warped and biased the DC media is against Democrats. The view every event through a GOP frame and they hardly even know they are doing it, it's so ingrained in their way of thinking anymore.

Some responses to Kasie:








Join me in putting a dollar in an envelope and mailing it to Joe Manchin with this message

Can you hear me now?


Excellent thread that burns the DC media to the ground










While the GOP fawns over DeJoy for slowing down mail service, they whine about slow Ports

more needs to be said about this

AtlantaBraves Ticket ofc 404-577-9100 (option 6) Why did they just book anti-vaxxer Travis Tritt

to sing the national anthem - 2 days after his splashy anti-vaxx, anti-mask stunt

there's someone there - I just talked to him

GOP: The ports are backed up! DISASTER! Also GOP: The mail's slow. Let's slow it down more! nt

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