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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,153

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No one says "Coal workers' pneumoconiosis" - it's Black Lung. And COVID should be "Cement Lung."

We need to start calling COVID "Cement Lung" - communicates a visceral graphic message of what this disease does to your lungs. Makes them inelastic. Freezes them. Fills them full of crap. You are then beyond the reach of medical aid. That can't be fixed.

You want to risk getting Cement Lung? Do you want your elderly parents to get it? Do you want your kids in the hospital with Cement Lung? Let those visual images float around inside your brain awhile and see if you still like the idea of being unvaccinated or unmasked.

"...a network of domestic traitors and terrorists to engineer the collapse of democracy."



Mike Flynn, Erik Prince, Steve Bannon and Peter Thiel are conspiring with enemy nation-states, transnational crime lords, and a network of domestic traitors and terrorists to engineer the collapse of democracy.

They will not stop. This is their final project. It’s war.

Funding and supporting this assault are sociopathic billionaires whose ideology, psychology and resources compel them to believe that the current world should be erased and rebuilt with them at the top.

“Freedom and democracy are incompatible.”
- Peter Thiel

Putin, Erdogan, Netanyahu, Orban, Bolsonaro, MBS, MBZ and other fascists support the project.

Financial terrorists like #KochNetwork, Mercers and many others flood the zone with money.

Musk, Dorsey and PayPal Mafia undermine the dollar and the US economy in plain sight.
Religion has been infiltrated, radicalized and weaponized.
Christianity — all denominations — has been twisted in many churches into a form of the QAnon cult or worse.

In many communities, there is no longer a separation of government, politics and religion.
The entire @GOP has been radicalized.
In a two-party system, one of them is a death cult that wants theocracy.

Local governments are deeply infiltrated. Entire state governments like Arizona, Texas, and Florida are effectively run by the Cult.

The Supreme Court has five members who are deeply committed to theocracy. They will eliminate Roe v Wade next year, and that is just the beginning.

Three of them were put there by an illegitimate President — a man who was installed there to support this fascist project.
Cable boxes are infested with Russian propaganda. Rupert Murdoch makes billions by putting neo-nazis like Tucker Carlson on his network to destroy minds.

Apps like Telegram serve as massive brainwashing machines, free to suck in our citizens on their Apple and Android phones.

Our citizenry is awash in guns. The right wing propaganda machine has made posing with a machine gun in front of your Christmas tree a sign of “freedom” and “patriotism.”

Militias and armed cults are proliferating all over the country.

Our Capitol building was breached by an angry mob of white nationalist terrorists and QAnon cult members who were radicalized and weaponized to try to steal a second presidential election in a row.

All of the people behind it are still free and waging war.

In that same building are numerous seditionists who openly helped plan the insurrection. They still freely roam the halls of Congress, traumatizing their colleagues and making a mockery of our country.

Our election systems are under assault. Boards of election are being infiltrated in the open. The Cult no longer believes elections are real. Gerrymandering makes it true.

2022 will be a catastrophe. Some states will have the ability to change the results of elections at will.

The Justice Department is run by a nice man who is way over his head and does nothing.

The FBI is run by a Federalist Society member who oversaw the complete failure to predict or defend democracy on 1/6.

I am laying this out, not to give up hope, but to describe the scale and seriousness of our problem.

The only people doing a serious investigation into this are the @January6thCmte and they have no law enforcement power.
Someone in power needs to lay out a plan to put a stop to this assault, which needs to be seen and named for what it is — full scale war.

Otherwise, it’s going to be left to the rest of us.

Either way, I am not giving up on a free nation for my kids to raise theirs. Suit up. 🇺🇸
To combat this threat is to understand it.

I have yet to hear any politician articulate the strategy being used in the open against our nation — which is to inflict mental, emotional and spiritual damage to our people.

This is “cognitive warfare.”
We are being attacked.

I believe that our current system needs to be changed but that we can work within the constitutional and legal framework of our country and preserve democracy.

But we cannot negotiate with these psychopaths. They will never stop. They must be *defeated*

The only way we’re going to make a change is to get educated, get mad and get loud until they hear us.

Our loved ones are being traumatized and coerced through destructive mind control techniques. Tens of millions of people who have been very literally weaponized.

For many people this is the hardest part to believe.

But it is very important that we remember who’s really to blame and focus our efforts on the criminals behind this and not citizens who have been trapped and coerced.

It's one thing to disagree with Biden, Dem polices. It's another to be a backstabbing dick about it.

why couldn't we find any leverage over Manchin

Buying off Manchin/getting him to switch to R is how McConnell/GOP nullified Sen. Warnock

let's make sure this gets said

they actively worked to nullify the election and voting power of a black senator

US Chamber/McConnell knew all along how to pull Manchin's strings

Jim Jordan: "I can't remember if I talked to trump on January 6"


sick depraved liar



My thought on the Texas O'Rourke/Abbott poll is that we need to heap neg ads on Abbott

there is SO MUCH dirt on him. SO MUCH. And when I say dirt - I mean FACTUAL dirt. Not made up stuff.

We need to hammer him with negative ads - which don't need to be lies. The truth of what he has done is abhorrent.

Power grid - people freezing to death in their homes. People trying to use frozen toilets. People trying to thaw snow in their bathtubs for water to drink. There is so much social media footage to mine.

Taking $1,000,000 bribe from Kelcy Warren not to fix the grid.

Grid still not fixed despite deaths and many many warnings.

Gerrymandering. Racist voting maps.

Joking about shooting reporters.

Thwarting measures to stop the spread of COVID. Crushing hospital workers under the weight of the pandemic and doing nothing to help them.

Spreading COVID at GOP meeting --- after he has been fully vaccinated AND taken Regeneron!!!!!

Doing nothing after the Walmart mass shooting.

Referring to transition surgery as "genital mutilation."

Stripping women of reproductive freedom.

Trying to force women to have a funeral and cremation for every miscarried/aborted fetus.

Vigilante abortion law.

Burning books - in particular, banning Texas Historical Museum from having event for book "Forget the Alamo."

Meeting with Breitbart using UT stadium. UT alums are seething mad about this.

Trying to force women to have a medically unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Deputizing goons on the border to go after anyone they suspect of being "illegal."

That's just right off the top of my head.

Let's hit him hard as an out-of-control extremist. Let's be ruthless. Let's move the polls that way.

Has anyone ever run neg ads on Abbott? I don't think I have ever seen one except recently from Project Lincoln.

Red state Govs paying COVID deniers unemployment to keep employment #s low & hurt Biden. nt

The USA is a nation of 18th & 19th century laws, 20th century institutions, & 21st century problems

We need to renew, reform, & rebuild our national governments & legislatures – & to found new institutions that can keep pace with our rapidly changing times. #SummitForDemocracy


that sums it up pretty damn well.
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