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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,057

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From 3/21/16: Lewandowski 'drunk-dialed and came on to female reporters'

Lewandowski 'drunk-dialed and came on to female reporters'



from 12/22/17



he is a garbage person. has been assaulting and harassing women for years.

Proper condolence to those fired for refusing to vaccinate: "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS."

That is all.

Are we making this harder than it needs to be? isn't' the answer dirty ads?

Dems always want to win "clean."

But sometimes the only thing that destroys a lie is a bigger lie.

Right now the ends justify the means.

Edit to ad: just saw this on twitter


A war is not coming. It is here. It is here now.

The billionaires and the fascists are making their move and they do not intend to lose. They intend to destroy us.

Read the beginning of the The Testaments by Margaret Atwood which I think pretty much describes how they think it will go down.

We should each mail a condom to every GOP man in TX legislature, and Patrick, Abbott, Paxton nt

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