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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,511

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I feel like we are surrounded on all sides by aggressive evil. nt

is Manchin still holding a grudge because Kamala came to WV "without his permission"??

Joe Manchin announces he is opposed to DC statehood


He knows a Constitutional amendment has zero chance and would take forever.

If Biden had not been elected, we would be India.

dark thought in the back of my mind: Rudy & Trump were planning an acid attack on Yovanovitch

Rounding up some anonymous Ukrainian thugs to commit this assault is exactly, in my opinion, something that violent vengeful trump would do. We know what he did to Ivana, his own wife, as an act of misplaced vengeance for scalp surgery gone bad.

And trump was furious with Yovanovitch for refusing to play along with his corruption.

trump runs in the same circles as mobsters. And eastern European thugs seem to specialize in this particular type of violence.

I have thought this ever since it was revealed trump said "She's going to go through some things."


I'm worried one or more GOP goons will try to disrupt Biden's speech by yelling

or something else tonight.

Boebert is going to be there. What are the chances she can sit through the entire address quietly.

I hope there's a plan for how to deal with it when it happens.

Remember - Rudy admitted to Chris Cuomo he had Ukraine look into Biden


In FL, it's illegal to film animal abuse at a CAFO but legal to film a professor to intimidate,

harass and shut that professor up if you don't like what her or she is saying.

Also illegal to film the police.

This is what a Nazi police state looks like.

Just comply! Wear a mask! Just comply! Get vaccinated!

wonder how the right like their phrase turned on them...

Fascists operate by Testing the Fences. No, MTG is not done with her "America First"

#KuKluxKlan caucus.

This was a test to see what she could get away with easily. If you have read "On Tyranny" by Timothy Snyder you know he says that most of a tyrant's power is given to him or her without even asking for it.

This was a limits-testing exercise and she is not done. At all.
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