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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,054

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WV, a mostly red state with less than 2M people, is trumping the White House and 81M voters

Not fair and not right.

in a post 9/11 world, I naively thought the Capitol Police should be ready for pretty much anything

I mean, I'm kind of shocked at the low level of what they are capable of dealing with on a daily basis.

Seems like they can deal with one active shooter, or a moderate slightly rowdy crowd.

I mean, they're not tour guides, right? This is our Capitol and we are way past 9/11. Plenty of time to game out what is possible and be ready.

Why do I have a feeling Biden will have little patience for being jerked around on his cabinet noms?

when he feels enough time to reach a reasonable resolution has been given, I'm betting he slams the door on those trying to jerk him around. There will not be a big public blowup. He will simply pull the chair out from under them as they're sitting down and then never speak of it again.

Maybe he woos Murkowski by offering her the equivalent federal dollars of whatever it is Manchin is seeking. Then he lets the state of WV know what Manchin just threw down the drain that they could have had.

Maybe he just appoints his picks as Acting and moves on, leaving the malcontents standing around looking foolish.

Curious - does Joe Manchin have a list of people he WOULD approve for any of these positions?

Seriously. If these nominees are not acceptable, does he have some ideas on what he is looking for.

You can get a gas fireplace running by inserting 2 D batteries in the control panel underneath


see those wires under the fireplace insert?

in that area there is a battery box that accepts 2 D batteries. Just pop them in.

We did this in our house. Insert the batteries, flip the wall switch, the fire comes on and runs ---- even with no power in the house. (this is not my house I found this tweet)

models differ but our front screen came right off - just pull up gently and slide out. No need to remove the glass.

"With great power comes no responsibility."


I had a very weird dream last night

and I clearly remembered it when I woke up.

I was walking in a downtown with 6 friends.

2 friends got into a fight and rolled around in the street fighting.

The police came and arrested us all.

Somehow skipped the trial and we were all heading to jail.

As we were walking(!) to jail along a pier(!), all the friends told me "We can't go to prison for 2 years! We're going to save ourselves!" and they all started jumping off the pier into the water. It was a very high drop. I thought they were dead.

The next morning I wake up in prison and go out to the common room and there are all the "friends." And I then realize they were all trying to get me to jump with them, to get myself into more trouble. But that for some reason the authorities had told them to do this. So they weren't in more trouble.

And I was torn between lashing out in anger but, remembering I was in prison, I just asked "How could you do this to me?"

And they just defiantly stared at me and shrugged. You don't matter. We will save ourselves.


I have a feeling this is my subconscious trying to process the feelings of betrayal I have over the behavior of Republicans and trump's lawyers over the impeachment trial.

trump should have been impeached for the Muslim Ban

Bruce Castor. This is the kind of argument you give when you know the outcome has already

been decided and you know you can't lose.

Prediction: Hysterical zealot Mike Lindell will flush all his vast wealth down the toilet

as he chases the white whale of election fraud.

And he will be ruined and in debt just like he was 10 years ago.
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