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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,057

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on FoxNews radio this morning, Jim Jordan was boasting and hooting about winning House in 2022

Listing to Stephanie Miller on Tune In this morning on my iPhone, I accidentally tapped a button that flipped me to Fox News radio.

And there was Jim Jordon, ranting like he was on crack, assuring the host the GOP would take the House in 2022. Also how he was a superstar and all kinds of people want to take photos with him, including the family of Jim Trafficant! Very very full of himself.


We must support our Members and make sure we hold the House at midterms.

Suddenly SenateGOP is now in love with a standing-type argument ("no longer in office")

instead of reaching the merits of the impeachment case (because they can't defend trump or themselves on the merits).

They've been screaming for the past 10 weeks about the courts not hearing their cases because of failing the "standing" test.

I wonder if Biden is saving Doug Jones for his first Supreme Court pick

that's why he put Garland at AG

I love Doug jones but I want to see the youngest possible nominee we can get through.

If your biz model is based on paying slave wages - your business deserves to fail

this is what I say to people who shriek about having to pay $15 an hour

Employers have gotten so very used paying slave wages -- they pretty much feel Entitled to virtually free labor at this point.

Well that's not my fault. It was not right before and it is not right now.

This is America, not China, and in America we need to pay actual wages to our workers.

What happens if McConnell filibusters the Organizing Resolution indefinitely

I say Biden stacks up executive orders stripping Kentucky of all manner of federal benefits, then signs one an hour as long as the filibuster continues

WH Presser: Peter Doocy demands to know if Biden will wear mask when kissing his wife

in a Federal Building

or brushing his teeth, taking a shower....

Jesus Christ these people.

Who is the Secretary of State right now?

FORMER President trump and Melania exit Air Force One in South Florida ... that outfit


Clintons, Bushs, Obamas, all lined up at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

classless trumps sitting in hell at Mar-a-Lago

Michael Beschloss is a national treasure. That is all. nt

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