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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
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If a president can pardon himself, that makes him a king. And that is per se unconstitutional.

Period. End of discussion.

Our Constitution provides for a president. Not a king.

A self-pardon is a conversion from president to king.

If you can commit treason to try to destroy your main election rival (or order someone else to do it) then pardon yourself or your accomplice, you are a king. You have violated and destroyed the fundamental structure of our government.

It would encourage bad people with bad motives to become president. Free crime spree with no accountability.

The U.S. president cannot be a king. The Constitution does not provide for a king. A self-pardon makes a president a king, and therefore it is unconstitutional.

the GOP made the rules - we do not need to comply with subpoenas from a special counsel. nt

Funny. The "I have a God-given right to homeschool!" crowd now demands butts in the seats

at school, public and private.

It's almost like they've been faking it all along for political leverage and to destroy public schools.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will step down on January 20

buh bye.

I guess he wants to get a jump on scooping up that sweet quid pro quo $$$$ from Verizon and AT&T.


Robert Reich is happy with Joe's economic team picks


We are in a culture war. Do Georgia GOPers care about GOP Senator insider trading

I'm not sure they do. They SHOULD. Do they?

I think mostly they care about "sticking to the libs" and nothing ---- nothing --- else.

I see so many ads being produced about Loeffler & Purdue corruption. I'm kind of thinking GOP voters just don't give a damn.

You know the rule of conservatives -- nothing is a problem unless it his happening to them personally, right now. And they don't see how insider trading hurts them at all.

I think a better angle is to paint them as trump betrayers. As RINOs. For ad purposes.

twitter is doing so much damage by failing to suspend trump's account. nt

Is Sheldon Whitehouse under consideration for Biden's AG? Excellent choice.

He's very outspoken on twitter, which I take to mean he would be an aggressive AG.

Very strong on the environment, and has a complete handle on who is corrupting the federal judiciary.

Not sure the process to replace him in the Senate. Can we be assured a Democrat would fill his seat?

trump's Turnberry neighbors have a friendly message for him - LOL


Is it possible for Biden to institute Net Neutrality?

if his new admin goes through the regulatory process that should be yes, right? That would be another piece of welcome good news.
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