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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
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who does the best messaging for Democrats? Eric Swalwell? Ted Lieu?


I think Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt are also pretty good --- and they're not even Democrats!

Mitch is also blocking the COVID bill bc he wants to foul-up delivery of the vaccinations

States need money to run their vaccination programs. Mitch wants to make sure they don't have that money and Biden gets blamed.

Rebekah Jones has a gofundme, if you are so inclined



Fuck Ron DeSantis.

didn't Flynn commit sedition after his pardon?

Ultra-conservative Thomas More Society behind blitz of trump's fraudulent lawsuits


Just FYI, many of trump's federal judges use to work at the Thomas Moore Society

whatever they accuse us of, they have been doing


1/13/17 - Democrats denied tickets for Trump inauguration festivities

Petty abusive asshole from the start.

Lest we forget.


House Democrats say they are having trouble getting tickets to inaugural festivities for President-elect Donald Trump, leading some to openly speculate it might be a sign of rancorous partisanship to come.


Fuller sent an email to the listserv Thursday night saying her liaison at the Presidential Inaugural Committee confirmed rumors that Republicans were automatically given tickets to the parade and ball while Democratic offices were expected to request those tickets and even then, there was no guarantee they’d get to attend.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee held a ticket distribution event at Republican National Committee headquarters earlier this week for all GOP offices to pick up member tickets to the welcome concert, parade and ball, according to a inaugural committee email obtained by POLITICO.

“Not only is it unfair but it deepens the chasm between our parties and confirms that we will not be considered,” Fuller said in her note to other schedulers.

we should be proud of our Democratic brand AND we should work hard on building it, like this:


BRILLIANT: Biden 'Blitz:' The case for flooding the zone with executive orders on Day One

This is the best analysis/advice I've seen on the transition and new administration:

Use trump's strategy. Flood the zone so that no one can focus on any one thing you did.

Author says that because Obama moved slowly with the GOP and tried to reach consensus, every tiny move was critiqued and blown out of proportion in the media. The media wants news. Obama wasn't generating news. So the media created news.
He also says that Obama believed the GOP was working with him, but really the plan all along was to rope-a-dope him and run out the clock and do nothing. And that plan worked.

When politics are hyper-partisanized as they are now, politics is a zero sum game. Meaning that Mitch cannot give Biden a win without taking a loss for the GOP. Giving Biden a win would generate instant negative backlash from the GOP base. That's why Mitch will never allow the GOP to work with Biden.

Biden ‘Blitz:’ The case for flooding the zone with executive orders on Day One

How can Joe Biden break through the wall of bad faith opposition that is certain to greet him when he takes office? Vox’s David Roberts makes the case for trying to do everything, all at once, on Day One.

very worth reading the entire article:

Joe Biden should do everything at once
How to succeed in hyperpolarized politics: run a blitz.


What we do know is that Republicans will wage full-on war on Biden from the second he takes office. They will generate fake conspiracies and controversies through right-wing media and social media. Conservative voters will be told again and again that Biden and Kamala Harris are uniquely dangerous traitors engaged in all sorts of elaborate evil plots. The entire conservative movement, from top to bottom, will view limiting Biden to one term as its primary strategic objective. And the movement will engage in misinformation, norm violation, procedural fuckery, and outright lawbreaking, if necessary, to achieve that objective.


No matter what the Biden administration does, it will be accused of socialism and corruption by the right. And the past several years have richly demonstrated that conservative parts of the country, particularly rural areas and low-density suburbs, are almost completely captured by right-wing media, from Fox on the TV to AM conservative radio to Sinclair-owned local news to the profusion of shady Facebook sources and groups, where misinformation is rapid and rampant.

Democrats badly need to address this media asymmetry. Despite what conservatives have convinced themselves, mainstream media outlets like CNN are not analogous to Fox, and Democrats have no comparable radio, local TV, or social media operations to carry their messages and narratives straight to voters where they live.


Biden’s best chance is to try to overwhelm the system the way Trump did, by doing so much that it’s impossible to make any one thing into a lasting story. He should launch so many simultaneous reforms that there’s no time for right-wing media to make up lies about all of them or for the Supreme Court to hear them all. He should ignore bad-faith attacks and stay relentlessly on message about what’s gotten done and what’s getting done next. He should, at every juncture, get caught trying to make government work better for ordinary people.



Author was on with Chris Hayes tonight. VIDEO


Hypothesis: Voters reward us for stoking their fears, not saving their asses

so many voters just told us they don't give a damn about a pandemic, about hundreds of thousands killed by malicious craven incompetence, or any efforts to save them from that pandemic

they care more (only) about "Antifa"
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