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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,057

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Jake Tapper calling it sedition on-air

they could be bringing automatic weapons and bombs into our Capitol and

law enforcement let it happen

my Biden sign is still up in my yard. nt

like Mitch's house doesn't have video surveillance. Right.

Fuck the Republican Party.

if we had lost the House, the GOP would hand the presidency to trump right now

we are a handful of House seats away from a stolen election, fascism, dictatorship and tyranny


Who is paying for Gohmert's lawsuit against Pence?

Are we paying for it??

NewAbnormal podcast: Tim Miller's idea for Schumer: Murkowski as majority leader

Tim Miller thinks that Schumer could make a deal with Murkowski, Mitt, and (shudder) Susan Collins (maybe others)
that Dems will back Murkowski as majority leader.
Sweetener: Dems will provide some kind of support to Murkowski in 2022, because she will be under
attack from trump for being on board early congratulating Biden.

This would make it a lot easier for Biden to get his choices confirmed, and maybe even allow for some decent legislation.
And of course MITCH would be deposed and kicked to the curb. Priceless.



Murkowski would likely be a lot more open to judges nominated by Biden and would not be enthusiastic to continue Mitch's court-packing with right-wing freaks.

100s of armed trumpers riot at closed OR leg mtg; SMASH GLASS DOOR TO CAPITOL

while Oregon State Police do nothing but pip their sirens from afar


The Special Session of the Oregon Leg is closed for safety. Capitol is on lockdown.

Special Session is for wildfire and COVID relief.

Oregon State Police and Salem Police stand by and do nothing while heavily armed trumpers brandish loaded weapons, surround the building and smash the front door in.
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