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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 946

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those who say free lunch "spoils"(!!) children accept unlimited FREE parent volunteer time

schools COULD NOT FUNCTION without the virtually unlimited amount of time parents spend volunteering at schools doing everything from helping with reading, putting on events, running foundations, raising money, recess monitors, crossing guards, etc.

the schools would collapse without this massive input of FREE LABOR

it's time the School Board stopped being spoiled and started to Pay the Parents!!!!


trump's great at logistics. like when he left his rally supporters to freeze to death in a field

after his rally. Or pass out from heat.






"The FBI is f****** incompetent"


GOP set the frame: Culture War. Guess what, GOP? Afghanistan doesn't fit in your frame!

GOP wanted to erase any discussion of policy, truth, competence, facts, history, knowledge, expertise, etc. and make it


Guess what? Afghanistan is not a culture war issue.
By your own doing, GOP, don't be surprised when no one ends up caring. Other than the crybaby DC media.

this is the Trump/McConnell "judge" who just ruled in favor of the "remain in Mexico" policy


this is a terrible thing to say about us, but the American people didn't care about the Kurds

and what happened to them when trump let the Turkish military march into northern Syria.

What are the chances Americans would feel any differently about what is happening in Afghanistan?

That they will even remember it 6 months from now?

Sturgis: SD gets all the benefit in revenue, while exporting health costs and death to other states

Gov. Kristi Noem is capturing the financial windfall of Sturgis for her state (and her presidential creds) while EXPORTING the medical, financial and death costs of this COVID super-spreading event to evey other state in the nation.


So Matt and Marge were denied access and they were very, very PUT OUT. Guess they forgot

when this happened. Ancient history.



remember when travelers were essentially imprisoned at the airport if they were caught up in the travel ban - were not even allowed to call family to tell them where they were and if they were ok. And CBP goons bullied and insulted Members of Congress and lawyers who demanded access.

It was a terror tactic used by trump and Stephen Miller.

But apparently there's no lingering outrage about THAT - only about today's stunt.

Sheldon Whitehouse publicly rips Chris Wray a new one re sham Kavanaugh investigation



This long-delayed answer confirms how badly we were spun by Director Wray and the FBI in the Kavanaugh background investigation and hearing.

It confirms my suspicions that the “tip line” was not real and that FBI tip line procedures were not followed. There are FBI tip line procedures. They were not followed.

So when Wray said they followed procedures, he meant the “procedure” of doing whatever Trump White House Counsel told them to do. That’s misleading as hell.

I charged that the “tip line” was really a tip dump, with all the tips going straight into the dumpster without investigation. In fact it was a tip dump where all the tips went straight to White House Counsel without investigation. Same difference.

No wonder so many witnesses were so frustrated when they tried to bring evidence forward. I’ve heard tales that even FBI agents not in on the scam sent info to the “tip line.” That must feel like a burn.

Victims don’t always get redress, but their serious allegations deserve serious investigation, not a “tip line” garbage chute to a White House Counsel desperate to cover up the facts.



This is Troy Nehls, who McCarthy wants to put on the January 6th Commission



Texas sheriff who waged a foolish fight over 'F--k Trump' bumper sticker needs to walk away

Sheriff who appears to have targeted woman over bumper sticker has only himself to blame for the mess.

Karen Fonseca and her husband advertise their disapproval of the current president with a custom-made sticker on the back window of their pickup that pointedly reads "F--- Trump and f--- you for voting for him." Rude? Yes. Profane? Check.

Illegal? No, and you don't have to be a law scholar to know it. Yet Nehls, who claimed he was acting on vaguely specified "citizen complaints," posted a photo of the truck on his Facebook page, asking for information about who owned it -- and issuing a not-very-veiled threat that the driver might face arrest on charges of disorderly conduct.

Met with a swift outcry that the sticker, while clearly distasteful, does not violate the law, Nehls' department instead arrested and jailed Fonseca on an unrelated charge: a months-old outstanding warrant from another county, reportedly for using a false form of identification two years ago.

Nehls claimed his department "received information" about the outstanding warrant "as a result of the publicity" -- publicity which his own department generated through his ill-advised Facebook post. The explanation did little to dispel the appearance, at least, that the sheriff purposely targeted the 46-year-old mother of 12 over political differences and a tacky bumper sticker.


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