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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
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Remember, Bill Barr used a burner phone to threaten/fire the top lawyer at SDNY

I guess he didn't want his communications surveilled the same way he illegally surveilled others.


so I got an email from John Fetterman

So it looks like Joe Manchin is a "no" vote on the For the People Act.

I truly don't get it.

We're talking about a simple bill that the vast majority of Americans support. It's a no-brainer as Republican lawmakers across the country try to systematically disenfranchise people to rig elections in their favor.

Call me old fashioned, but I think Democrats should vote like Democrats. We don't need to be so concerned with how Republican senators will vote we just need to vote for what's right for the American people.

Here's a promise: If I get to the U.S. Senate, I'll be 100% on board with saving our democracy. I'll never base my vote on which way I think other senators are going to go I'll just do what I know to be right.

Without flipping more seats blue, we won't be able to toss the filibuster and get things done. That makes our race even more important. So, I'm asking for your help right now: Can you chip in your first $5 to help flip PA and save our democracy?

I am truly, truly grateful for all the support you've given our campaign so far. If millions of people here in Pennsylvania and across the country donate, volunteer, and spread the word, I'm confident we will win. And when we do, I'll go to the Senate and fight for our democracy as hard as I can. I guarantee it.

Thanks for everything,


John Fetterman
Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Texas Dems unveil "Project Texas" - voter reg. program aimed at 2M eligible but unregistered

likely Dem voters.







they are counting on us not to match their rage with our rage

a key GOP attack strategy is to "Put Some Stink on Him (or Her)" right now it's happening to VP

Kamala Harris.

They do not want her to even be able to run for president.

If you follow the GOP senators and other talking heads on twitter, they are ALL, in coordination, in lock step, using same words, attacking VP Harris on the Border.

You KNOW this did not just happen. They and their Wormtongue little staffers created this plan, as one part of their overall dirty plan, and it reads something like


a. Put Some Stink On Her

-blame her for A Border Crisis, regardless of actual facts
-fire up racists in our party about hordes of brown criminals and terrorists crossing the border
to steal jobs, to commit crimes, to rape our women, to commit terrorism --- blame Harris

They are doing the same thing to Fauci. Take his strength and turn it into a weakness. Put some stink on him.

a term I want to see Democrats start using: "Voter Nullification"

that is what the GOP is doing, and it is very linked to the jury nullification Jim Crow practice.

it's not enough for Manchin to block voting rights - he has to rub our faces in his lies

about bipartisanship

I think he really gets off on the taunting, abusive lies he's making as his excuse. He gets a sick, perverse pleasure.

It's one thing to vote against.

It's another to write a double-speak screw-you op-ed every other damn day.

Traitor Rep. Mo Brooks has finally been served


Some messaging I have been trying out on twitter re gun control/so-called "Constitutional Carry"

So-called Constitutional Carry is actually Guns on Demand.

Texas GOP values ---- guns on demand for domestic abusers.

Texas GOP values ---- guns on demand for school shooters.

Texas GOP values --- guns on demand for terrorists and felons.

I think we should throw this in their faces.

"The GOP wants guns on demand for school shooters!"

So instead of us imploring and begging for some measure of reasonable gun safety laws, instead we hit them with the absurdity of their reckless dangerous views. We go on the attack. We don't beg. Put them on defense.



what if Biden offered Sinema a seat on Federal Appeals Court bench (lifetime)

she would never have to worry about re-election again. She gets all the prestige and attention ---- and she's out of the Senate.

And she has to know she has zero chance of getting elected again in AZ as a D or an R.

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