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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
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"Here's an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda" ....how about a new kind of campaign ad?

Here’s an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda

After every election, Democrats seem to talk about how they failed to craft a clear message. So how about bombarding people with a new kind of campaign ad?

What does the Democratic Party stand for? What do voters think the Democratic Party stands for? How can Democrats communicate to voters that they actually do stand for things? These are vexing questions for Democratic politicians and the people who run their campaigns.

While Republicans in the age of Trump prefer not to dig too deep into their own failures in elected politics, relying instead on House districting and the very nature of the Senate to guarantee their political dominance, Democrats are continually looking for some strategy or message or type of candidate who can win reliably or defend marginal seats. After elections, they regularly ask why whatever they tried last time failed.

Two of these analyses have surfaced in the past week. On June 6, The New York Times reported on a 2020 postelection analysis produced for Democrats by “Third Way, a centrist think tank, and the Collective PAC and the Latino Victory Fund.” On June 8, NBC News covered a new strategy memo produced for the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC, based on focus groups conducted by Lake Research Partners. These documents were both ostensibly created to help Democrats get elected, but they are also both really designed to absolve some people, and blame others, for Democratic failures, while arguing that success will come from doing what the groups paying for these reports wanted to do anyway.


In the progressive view, conservative propaganda is something in the air that true swing voters (as opposed to dedicated conservatives) largely tune out. In the Third Way view, it is incumbent on Democrats (and, implicitly, Democratic supporters) to avoid doing or saying things that might provoke the bear. (Like, for example, calling to “defund the police.”) Neither side really asks how Democrats expect to perform a task that Republicans have mastered: actually reaching marginal voters with these messages at all.


We need to change the way we think about messaging as a party. This is an intriguing article.

if DeSantis was a Dem, Rs would use condo collapse to ruin him

you would hear nothing else from Rs all over cable news *but* incompetent murdering governor

"The modern polarized system has created, in effect, a new Constitution ...

“The modern polarized system has created, in effect, a new Constitution w/overwhelming advantages for Rs. New laws require 60 votes, but existing programs can be defunded with 51. Judges, who can be appointed w/a mere 51 votes, can strike down laws that required 60 to pass”


#TeachTruth Oregon teachers write letters of solidarity to teachers under attack in other states

Just came across this. I am going to follow these accounts & support their activism.



Also this





Black Lives Matter at School


Unvaccinated people and screeching anti-vaxx politicians need to pay $10,000,000,000 reparations

to the rest of us who did our patriotic duty.

So we should teach Creationism as science in schools because "all sides should be heard"

--- but when it comes to learning about the black experience via Critical Race Theory, the book burnings and legal bans start. Also, removing Confederate monuments is "erasing history." Huh.

this is still so damn funny and I've seen it 100 times #TrumpIsUnwell


A word of encouragement: how hard they have to work to beat us

Joe Biden is president, IN SPITE OF the fact that Republicans

have colluded with 1 or more powerful foreign nations for years to attack Democrats and democracy and bring it all down

have access to nearly unlimited funds from right wing billionaires demanding the shredding of the Constitution, to be replaced by their own personal and corporate power

use their massive right wing media echo chamber to slander and fearmonger against us 24/7

in political office lie, smear and obstruct government at every level

controlled the White House and the DOJ for purposes of destroying the entire edifice of good government and fair elections

have their armed militias and serving Sheriffs and PDs menacing, threatening, intimidating and attacking us.

We're still standing.

We need to be the next iteration of the Greatest Generation, saving liberal democracy for our children. Need a new name for us here in this moment in time.

"Democracy is already dying in the states" - Ron Brownstein, The Atlantic


“While Joe Manchin is demanding both parties agree on any further federal voting-rights legislation, a new study quantifies how completely Republicans have excluded Dems from the passage of the restrictive voting laws proliferating in red states”

"Dirty air is a tax."

"Dirty water is a tax."

Forcing taxpayers to foot the bill to clean up corporate pollution --- and to pay for the associated negative health impacts from environmental pollution -- IS a tax.

I'm always playing with potential new messaging.

What do you think?

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