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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
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#SummitForDemocracy December 9-10




I demand Constitutional Carry for my vagina. nt

They also have a plan to overturn Brown v. Board of Education.

If you have studied the confirmation hearings for trump's federal judges, you will see that many refused to agree that Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided.

It has long been a goal of the Federalist Society to overturn this decision.

See this noted in the resumes of trump judges here: https://www.ratfuckingthecourts.com



Your Bible Will Never Be My Constitution. nt

Haney Lopez: Can Democracy Survive Racism as a Strategy?

As a practical matter, at the present moment the survival of democracy in the United States hinges upon the electoral success of the Democratic Party. Given the radicalization of the Republican Party, there is little prospect that democracy endures unless Democrats win enough elections to remain in control of the federal government.

Major hurdles facing the Democratic Party include the disproportionate power of rural states, gerrymandered districts, voter disenfranchisement, the composition and rules of the Senate, and other factors. But chief among these challenges looms identity politics—the success of the right’s identity politics, and the tendency of Democrats to engage in identity wars with each other.


Many factors contribute to conflict among Democrats. But nothing hamstrings the Democratic Party’s power to define itself and its mission as much as the right’s strategic racism. The GOP’s embrace decades ago of racial dog whistle politics has turned Democrats against each other. One Democratic faction believes with every fiber that white racism must be directly confronted, though this alienates white voters and loses elections. The other side insists that the best strategy is to mainly ignore racism—though this leaves unchallenged the Republicans’ main electoral strategy. Democrats are thus two Titanics, steaming in opposite directions. From their respective decks, each can see the iceberg in the other’s path, but not the jagged teeth beneath their own bows. For democracy itself, whatever hope there is depends on both these Titanics turning.


Can the two Titanics of the Race and Colorblind lefts turn to steer a parallel course? To ask the question this way is to call to mind all of the forces that typically prevent big changes. But even so, their identity is something that Democrats can unilaterally control. Unlike so many of the proposed structural changes to protect democracy that cannot be enacted without either significant cooperation from Republicans or landslide Democratic victories, Democrats right now can begin to tell their own story about who we are to each other, who threatens us, and why we must fight for each other. Democracy, and not just the fortunes of the Democratic Party, hangs in the balance.

much more at link https://protectdemocracy.org/project/endgame/#section-4


Biden now has more than sufficient justification to expand the Court. nt

A government that is powerful enough to force you to continue a pregnancy

is powerful enough force you to abort it.

It’s two sides of the same coin if there is no Right to Privacy.

#China #MadisonGrant #TomorrowsChildren
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