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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,099

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they took the military training TAXPAYERS paid for and used it to attack us

and kill a police officer.

We must hold them accountable for this treachery.

Twitter and trump are screwing Biden out of millions of followers to @POTUS & @WhiteHouse accounts

If you have a twitter account can you help out the Biden team with some follows




Clackamas County (Oregon) Commissioner refuses to resign over vile, racist social media posts


OREGON CITY, Ore. A newly elected Clackamas County commissioner is under fire for racist posts on social media. On Wednesday, the county's district attorney joined leaders in the Muslim community and others calling on Mark Shull to resign.


Shull indicated during a commission meeting on Thursday morning that he does not intend to resign: "I've heard and understand your concerns, I submitted a statement earlier in the week about the messages. My intention at this time to carry out work of the people of Clackamas County, thank you." .


What Waller saw were many Islamophobic statements by Shull, including:

"Islam is in total conflict with America, with the Constitution and with the Christian values upon which the USA was founded."

"When you interact with a Muslim, you're being deceived. Period. End of sentence."

Shull also took on immigrants, the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement, writing in one post, "BLM is not about black lives mattering or any other life mattering. BLM is a pawn for the rise of neo Marxism."

Shull also spread conspiracy theories connected to the cause of devastating Oregon wildfires last year.

Fuck this asshole. Just fuck him.

Marjorie Taylor Greene - putting the Riot in Patriot nt

Remember - MT GOPers elected Greg Gianaforte (who violently attacked a reporter) - TWICE

they like violence
they are violent

ok --- good idea or bad idea....

Our State Capitol is pretty much just off the main highway running through the state.

Without exiting the highway into that area, on the morning of their next planned insurrection, I want to drive up and down that highway with "25A NOW" painted on my back window.

I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm not interfering with anyone's access or travel.

I am engaging in a push-back to their lawlessness that I feel I need to do, excising my own Free Speech rights and showing them that I will not submit to their terror attacks.

There should not be any problem unless they decide to run me off the road, in which case I will sue each one until I own them. All your pick up trucks are belong to me.

donald trump ---- putting the Riot in Patriot. nt

Ted Lieu and Mondaire Jones send letter to NY State Bar re Rudy


guess all the trumpers whining about Free Speech today forgot about Jamal Khashoggi

that's how trump feels about free speech.

Trump Republicans also:

refuse to debate Democratic opponents (most recently, David Perdue)

blacklist media outlets

put reporters in pens

pull credential from media to influence their reporting

create fake videos of journalists

call media "Enemy of the People"

demand NDAs and silence

encourage death threats against media outlets

refuse to hold town halls with their own constituents (i.e., self-censorship)

justify and excuse the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

refuse to hold White House press briefings

give access only to compliant right-wing propaganda outlets

arrest constituents visiting their offices

invite dangerous right-wing cranks and trolls to our White House

sue and harass twitter users who challenge their lies

use official government twitter accounts to target individual Americans

push a false narrative of anti-conservative bias

block the CDC from studying gun violence

ban doctors from discussing guns and abortion with their own patients

pass laws that make protesting illegal

prevent all voting on any bill in the Senate

force government employees to swear allegiance to Israel

use PC "decorum" rules to suppress free speech on the House and Senate floor

"The lectern and a gavel that was reported missing were recovered undamaged,

The Washington Post reported, citing a spokesperson for the Committee on House Administration."

This is Speaker Pelosi's lectern.

Just putting this up because this is the first time I have seen this reported and I've been looking for the answer.


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