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Profile Information

Name: Judy
Gender: Female
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Millersville, Maryland
Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 12:42 AM
Number of posts: 506

About Me

I'm retired, ex-medical secretary, ex-medical transcriptionist. A grandmother. Lifelong Democrat.

Journal Archives

The real reason Trump is furious with General Milley.

Trump believes in surprise attack, even in nuclear war, especially if he sees advantage to him in being a "wartime president," and he thinks Milley betrayed him personally (not the country). I think it was in the first year of Trump's reign, or even right before the election, he was having a sit-down interview, and he was asked a question about attacking another country. There has been no very much outrage in the last 5 years I don't remember the exact details or the interviewer, but Trump conversationally but seriously refused to say what he would do because he doesn't believe in giving the other side any advantage in knowing what to expect from him. I said to whoever I was with and said, "he believes in a surprise first strike and he's the decider." They poo poo'd it saying no one would let him do that, but I think we almost did.

The fact that right now our military leaders have informal contact with their counterparts to help avoid misunderstandings probably hadn't occurred to Trump because everything is zero sum to him, I win, you lose. To find this out months later really burns him and if he could, he'd have Milley shot by a firing squad because he takes it personally.

What's this obsession among Repubs about Biden being "cut off"

By somebody with a button in the White House? I had not seen this before. All of a sudden this senator is absolutely obsessed with it during Blinkin testimony. Is this new or is this part of the obsession that Biden isn't smart enough to talk. He spent a good deal of his beginning statement and some of his questioning addressing how the other day Biden was cut off in mid sentence by a button. Is this already a meme or is he trying to start something. To me, he's the one coming off sounding stupid. Anybody who thinks Biden has handlers who can control Biden has not paying attention or is trying to make us forget the years when he was VP and how they mercilessly criticized his "gaffes." That's just the way Joe talks.

I just have one statement to make about the antivaxxers freaking out

About possibility of receiving vaccine "tainted" blood. What makes them think there will be room for antivaxxers in the hospital to receive transfusions the way things are going? They're filling up so many of the hospital beds with seriously ill COVID patients is there room for trauma patients and patients undergoing surgery, which are the most common needs for blood transfusions? It's not just the influx of new COVID patients, we keep reading about so many of those notorious celebrity rabid antivaxxers who contracted COVID being on a vent for 30 days or more. Hoovering up all those valuable medical resources.

Watching rebroadcast of Rachel's show about today's parallels to McCarthy

What she isn't saying is that during the early 50s the Washington press corps had a reputation as hanging around drinking while trying to get a story to file before deadlines. And supposedly whether it was McCarthy or someone pushing his buttons he drank with the reporters and knew their deadlines so he knew exactly when to make the announcements that would grab the headlines because he did it right before deadline filing. The point is the reporters all knew McCarthy was a piece of crap and his "facts" were also complete crap but they were lazy and they had an easy story to file with their papers back home. Who cared if it was true? And McCarthy made headline after headline and careers and lives were ruined because reporters were unwilling to say the junior senator from Wisconsin was lying.

I just can't help but ruminate all these many years later the press was completely carried away by hysteria over a supposed "scandal" over a bunch of emails and even the supposedly "paper of record" got caught up in "exclusives" on that score. Not to mention Benghazi. I'm not saying they could have ignored the frenzy, but even the so called "great" papers jumped for the easy headline and story.

To help get the infrastructure passed.

What they should do with the "bipartisan" Republicans on this committee is make them list the 2 most important projects in their state or district. They should then sign that list. If they can't get enough of their Republican colleagues over the line to get the bill passed, these should be released to the media in their home states or districts as not negotiating in good faith - that they missed out on the jobs and repairs this dealing deprived them of. If they can't peel enough of their colleagues away from Mitch McConnell they don't deserve any credit for anything that gets done.

Business helped create this voting mess in Republican states.

I'm talking about you, ALEC. They're trying to be on the right side of history now that they realize the money power of ordinary people of all shades and ethnicity. But they have been paying Republican and conservative Dems for many years pushing the ALEC agenda with state and national legislators to be "business friendly." How many of these businesses still belong to ALEC? How many taking their money elsewhere? How many of them are overtly telling the politicians they have donated to for years through ALEC they will get no more of their money? I don't have an updated list of ALEC members, but let's just say I'm a bit skeptical of their commitment to fairness since there is nothing fair about ALEC's tentacles in government. They call themselves nonpartisan but the results of their meddling show otherwise.

The disgusting hypocrisy of the retiring GOP senators.

There is going to be almost a record number of retiring senators in coming 2-4 years, but most will still vote not guilty. They won't vote that way because they believe he is innocent. They will retire very financially comfortable, they have probably amassed quite a bit of money semi-legally. But the truth is even though they know know a not guilty verdict might harm our republic, they don't want to be ostracized by people who also don't particularly love Trump. They can retire and enjoy their grandchildren and live a good life, but they want to still be on the Republican gravy train - corporate boards, think tanks, the respect that is given an elder statesman. They want to feel relevant. In years to come they may be in history books as complicit scum politicians, but they want to feel important in their remaining years. They want to have all the perks and respect of the scum of the earth.

Thank you to whoever sent me hearts.

It's been years since I celebrated Valentine's day at all and it was so sweet to receive them.

I know the secret defense strategy.

They're going to bore everyone to death. The only laugh we get is defense drinking water.

I should have started a drinking game, but too late now.

Should have had a drink every time I heard the defense say egregious. Other repetitive words I could have added, too, such as respectfully (when they don't mean it). Wew.
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