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Member since: Sat Oct 3, 2020, 08:18 PM
Number of posts: 99

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Is the Magat Rally still on?

Asking for a friend!

The fact that Repugs and the Lame Duck are letting this pandemic rage

Should be the primary talking point in GA. They stand by and do as their leader does...nothing! Mitch has already said that he won't work with Biden. We need the majority in the house so that we can contain this virus as recommended by the scientists and take the necessary stimulus as recommended by the economist and bring America back from the brink.


There is no intl-paypal on none of my Paypal messages

The President is such a sore loser

Lost to who he called the worst presidential candidate in history
Lost the popular vote to Biden by 5 million and counting
Lost 12 consecutive court challenges
Lost the Electoral College vote
Lost in a bid to overturn OBAMACare
Lost both debates to PRESIDENT-ELECT BIDEN

The good news? His losses will continue to mount after the recounts and he is defeated 3 more times!

maga? WE JUST DID 46!

Can we all just relax

Trump is trolling us as evidenced by the smirk on Pompeo's face. Remember, the toddler demands attention and he is not getting it from pressers, rallies, etc. Just do what you do when a toddler has a meltdown; ignore him. The electoral process will continue, the EC votes will be certified, and with 100 % certainty Biden will be the president. Take a hint from Schumer and Pelosi. Ignore the man-baby!

Can you imagine the RW and "Militia" response

if this was Obama giving fair elections the finger?
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