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newdayneeded's Journal
newdayneeded's Journal
March 11, 2021

Levin update for you

I was listening to Mark Levin last night for about 5 minutes (about all I could take), he was animate that Biden should not take any victory laps about this relief bill:

Actually Mark, why yes...Yes he should take a victory lap. And the statement should be clear, "I and the democrats brought you this relief bill, every single republican in the house and senate refused to lift a finger to back this bill, a bill that helps every american get back on their feet"

March 5, 2021

Thank you Ron Johnson!!!

Your stunt is now making millions of WI republican voters have to wait another day for a $1400 stimulus check. This will backfire in your stupid looking face. You WILL be voted out, because a large % of those repubs won't forget this, and sit it out.

March 1, 2021

legit question here

I've seen a few posts of how trumpism will live on. What really IS trumpism? All I've really seen from him in his term was reversing everything the black guy did...

February 26, 2021

Mask story for you.

My family is 75% left leaning, and 25% right leaning. (and not fun to be around). They rarely wear masks and EVERY one of those 25% got covid.

Moral to the story: Let all these fuckers not get shots, and not wear masks. We'll be insulated from them, because of vaccines and mask wearing, to watch them all catch it.

February 26, 2021

Come ONNNNN!!!!

Announce where Rush is buried already!! I been holding this pee for 9 days now!! My eyes are yellow!!!

February 24, 2021

My problem with Manchin

Manchin was on an interview with CNN a few months back and stated he votes yes or no because he doesn't let politics steer him. That's dishonest, he makes these protest votes entirely because of politics. He's only thinking of keeping his fricken job with these votes, NOT the good of the country!

February 23, 2021


I can see it already, dickhead runs again and the mainstream media will skip covering Biden to let their cameras record an empty trump podium for a 1/2 hour. if he decides to run, the media can't stop covering his every cough.

February 17, 2021

Hey Hannity

You will move into Rush's time slot, and you are about to have a rude surprise when a ton of rush listeners will turn your show off. your show had the listeners ONLY because their stations just stayed tuned after his show, but the volume was turned down to background filling levels.

February 12, 2021

The GOP future

What the GOP senators don't realize yet, is that donny promised them he won't start a 3rd party if they acquit. So they'll acquit under his bullying, BUT, dickhead is gonna start a 3rd party anyway. He needs the attention, and the chaos.

The truth is, their future would be way better off if they convict and ban him from holding office. those supposed maga voters will just line up on the right come election time anyway!

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