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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 01:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,260

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We need simplicity.

We need a running chart from the White house that will simply break down the days of new repub house.

day 1, senate passed bill "ABC", house did nothing

day 2, senate debated bill "123", house stalled debate in bill supporting strengthening social security

day 3, senate passed bill "777", house did nothing.

day 4, etc...

A big colorful chart that wil show exactly how useless they are! This chart could be used in ads, stating things like this is what you get from the repubs. They do zero work for the people.

I don't think this has been addressed here,

Evers defeating Michels is a huge huge deal!

This guy was a trump loving hard core fascist! He's even on record saying if he got elected no Democrat would ever win any race in the state again.

My favorite vote a couple of weeks ago was against this asshole!

I voted yesterday to get my right wing

asshole senator out!

I'm feeling great about it!
Posted by newdayneeded | Wed Nov 2, 2022, 09:07 AM (9 replies)

It's Tuesday,

is donny dickhead on Twitter or not?
Posted by newdayneeded | Tue Nov 1, 2022, 06:42 PM (0 replies)

Early in person voting?

Does WI have this? I'm only seeing early absentee voting.

Remember the end of America post?

It was posted 3 or 4 weeks ago. The poster asked if we should give up on America. Most responders were correct in saying to not give up, as of right now, I'm in that boat.

The US is on the verge of taking 3 huge steps over a cliff. In a few weeks we vote like hell for all democrats! But, If these crazies manage to take back the house and senate, those are the first 2 steps. With that, it would be a very real possibility that donny gets back in by mass voter disenfranchisement policies by the new majorities in congress.

At that moment, if donny would win, I can honestly say, America is lost!

We need every vote for dems!

Took a ride in the Northwoods

yesterday, I saw maybe 3 or 4 trump flags in 6 hours. they are taking his shit down. What you see at those rallies is probably the extent of his base now.

I believe the "normal" right wing powers that be are letting him bleed out. They will essentially ignore him and let him slip from sight. Desatan has got to be drooling at donny's smaller rallies.
Posted by newdayneeded | Sun Oct 9, 2022, 01:54 PM (4 replies)

Just saw a trump post about force,

and something hit me. If trump isn't the nominee, there's zero chance Biden wouldn't win. If those millions of magats are thinking it'll take force to get trump back as president, then they will be definitely writing him in on their ballot. They'll write in trump over any other repub nominee on the ballot by the millions.

I still think Biden wins even with trump on the ballot, but this seems like a likely scenario with any other repub nominee.

Trump putin collusion

Trump said this at the beginning of the invasion:

"This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said in a radio interview with “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.” “He used the word ‘independent’ and ‘we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna help keep peace.’"

Now putin is threatening nukes with a statement paraphrased saying we will defend our annexed territory and people with nukes if need be. He thinks he is defending pure Russians from Ukrainians in some sort of distorted thought process.

His nuke statement and trumps explanation of what he thought was happening are way too similar. To me there is no question putin explained this thought process to Trump before the invasion, and got Trump on board with it.

Just a Garland reminder

When Obama named Garland he was under pressure from the radical right, so he picked Garland who was centrist, NOT a hard left judge.
Possibly even slightly right.

Now you understand why some of us are skeptical Garland will do anything.
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