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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,078

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Some clarity on the rupubs tax policy.

There is a definite nutjob motivation to get why they are doing this new tax proposal.

For years the poor (anybody that makes under 25k) doesn't pay federal income tax. The right wing absolutely hates that. So they propose this "fair tax policy". With this new policy, every income will have to pay taxes. (until the yacht, Bugatti, gulfstream exemptions start flying).

It is for one reason, and ONE reason only! To get poor people to pay more money.

the quote "to be a republican, you have to believe that anything that ails America, is because poor people have too much money" comes to mind.

Young voters

Old school politicians don't understand young peoples ways of thinking. The younger generation does everything online. Our voting system will have to find a way for them to securely vote online. This is the reason their turnout is so low, they don't do things the way grampa, grandma, mom, or dad do things.

If voting would evolve to this process I believe a huge % of young folk would vote. Probably the majority on our side.

Planted docs myth

As much as I'd like to believe this conspiracy theory, they'd actually have to plant docs from 2016 or older. Any classified docs would be dated.

So trump or his lackies wouldn't have had access to Obama Era documents to even plant them.

Thanks Katie Porter

for going on national news last night and voicing how concerning it is for Biden to have classified docs.

Because we're not hearing it at all from every right wing house and senate member!

Beacon on a hill

The USA always leads. In this case, it taught the world what not to do during an insurrection. Brazil, saw the almost toothless reaction of that day and formed a plan of action. Just days ago they needed to act on their plan and used force to shut down the right wing assholes.
Posted by newdayneeded | Mon Jan 9, 2023, 08:03 AM (3 replies)

I get that it was a rightwing shit show.

But I think the Dems could have used it to our advantage. Back room secret talks with 10 of the most moderate repub members, decide on which one is moderate or easy to work with. Then have one of the other 10 nominate him. When their name is called those 10 plus the dems vote for and elect him/her.

This scenario would at least achieve some moderation in the house. I don't see it as us helping them, more like us helping america with turning our eyes away from the lunatics.

Who knows, maybe this secretly was tried or talked about.

Democrat, democratic

I just don't get why some here are so offended by the description of our party.

If somebody came up to me daily and said "hey, you're a member of the Democrat party" I'd look right at them and "yes, I absolutely am!"

I see zero reason to get offended if someone uses Democrat or democratic. I just don't get the outrage here over it.

To me it's like someone referring to my truck as a Chevy or a Chevrolet.

3 minutes

that's what I give McCarthy before they raise an individual vote to oust him. (if he gets voted in with these new concessions)
Posted by newdayneeded | Thu Jan 5, 2023, 11:15 AM (2 replies)

National Guard

if it's true that he wanted to send 10000 NG troops to the capital. I think we are gonna hear some day soon about him giving a nuke order that was turned down by the generals. So glad this clown isn't pres anymore!

Where it ends.

I just read a thread about Reagan starting the repub shit show. I have thoughts of the rights ultimate end game:

They want absolutely zero taxes for anybody over a million a year income and all large corporations.
More and more middle class are losing hourly pay status and are put on salary. that means longer hours for the same income. We will have to work even longer to eventually pay all the taxes.

They want women back in the kitchens barefoot and having babies. I had a former boss about 10 years ago tell me the moment america started going downhill was when women became liberated. Yes, they actually think this!

They want to completely eliminate all social programs for the poor, social security, even unemployment. They figure they can do that because they'll be the rich ones anyway.

They want to say this out loud, but instead think it every waking minute. They want blacks and gays hanging from trees. I'm afraid Trump taught them that they can get away with a lot more racism then they already thought. Reference Ron Johnson's ads from the recent election. They were jaw dropping!
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