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Member since: Fri Sep 11, 2020, 12:02 PM
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You live in a house for 20, 30, 40 or more (sometimes less) years.

Maybe once or twice a year you get a statement in the mail from the state or local tax people reminding you to pay taxes you owe. (You already know the IRS has you listed).

When you pay your taxes, you don't have to show a driver's license, photo ID, green card, passport, birth certificate, naturalization paper, proof you're alive or wait in line for hours, or bring a friend to vouch for you or even a note from your parole officer - you don't have to show proof of age or whether you paid taxes from four or more years ago - you don't have to match your signature from a year ago or 10 or 20 years ago. If you do have to wait a short while paying in person, you can use the restroom, sit if you have to wait, get a drink of water even discuss, oh, I dunno, politics or whatever with others. And most places to pay taxes are open 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and many on Saturday. So there's ALWAYS time to pay your taxes...even at YOUR convenience!

And you know what? Nobody wants to arrest you for paying your taxes for almost any reason even without all those ID's! Imagine that. They just want your money and could care less whether you're black, white, yellow, red or probably even a Martian. You know, they don't even care if you're a citizen, just so long as you pay your tax. Just give them the money, go home and relax..

And while it's a law to pay income tax and various other local inconveniences, no one goes to jail if they don't have IDs when they pay those taxes - just hand over the money. Most times you just tell them your name and/or where you live.

And if you can't make it to the local or state tax office, you can even have a friend drop off the money. They don't care. They're funny that way - as long as they get their money. OH, and you can pay them by mail, electronically, by computer, sometimes even use an old pay phone or even those new-fangeled digital phone thingys, even early or late (with a fee if late, but still you don't need any IDs) and the collectors are happy to have you and will gladly take your money!

And even in states and cities and counties controlled by Republiqans, none of them questions you or race or life-style or nationality or asks for identification when you pay your tax, unless you write a check then they MAY want to see a Driver's License, but that's usually it. Funny, that!

You know, after you pay your tax, no one decides to go back right away or to another county or state office to pay them again or pay someone else's - not even dead people's!

You can even pay most taxes in advance, in some cases a year in advance and nobody will say a negative word to you for doing it (your sanity might be questioned, though).

Did I mention you don't have to register to pay your taxes? The IRS and local and state collectors will be more than happy to do most of the paper work for you and keep you on their computers until you die...and sometimes longer . You just need to send the money. You may not even have to sign anything - if you pay cash. You might even get a sticker to wear that say,"I Paid!"

I don't ever recall seeing a Black person, Asian-American, Latino, any other race or gender or life style choice person or even a Canadian who lives in America whether a citizen or not, turned away from a tax office because of their race or status in life so long as the tax on whatever document says they owe money is then paid.

Usually, just as long as you're 18 or older and on the tax roles forever, you can pay with no ID or trouble ever. Imagine that!

One person - many easy ways to pay your taxes and they know who you are.

One person - One Vote . They have your name. Voting should be as simple as paying your taxes in Ameriqa!

Wonder why it isn't?

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