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Member since: Fri Sep 11, 2020, 12:02 PM
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From Gahan WIlson

Somehow Apropos

Oh Stop bitching about it, will you?
It's all been over and done with for years.

WWPD? (What would Putin Do?)

Democrats need to start looking at elections as how and hat can be done to fix an election instead of relying on "Who are YOU gonna vote for?"

They need to figure out any way that an election CAN be rigged and take steps to stop that. It doesn't take a lot of science to figure ways to fuck up an election from an electronic standpoint. Why aren't we looking at all possibilities of that happening by the opposition?

Instead of spending billions to try to change the minds of the hypocritic, faux religious idiots on the right, let's make sure that NO outside interference CAN happen.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a wide margin yet most choose to stay home while Republicans go out and vote. And before we blame any third party (other than foreign interference) what the hell is the matter with people professing to be Democrats or liberals or progressives who DON'T FUCKING VOTE? DO they think they are entitled to something because there are more of them?

The polls can't be that wrong unless something else is in play. Nate Silver was right about his predictions basically all except 2016 and now this. He may be the most scientific pollster ever and if he's that wrong, twice on both recent presidential elections, I'm amazed, cynical and concerned (not to to be confused with a Collins' Type Concern).

Something's rotten and this ain't Denmark.

While an American Political Party that lies, cheats,

ignores the constitution, supports rapists, adulterers, deadbeat dads, loves racists and white supremacists, believes more in dictatorship, caters to nazis and the KKK, promotes fascism, hates women, minorities and immigrants, doesn't care whether Americans live or die during a Pandemic, wants Americans ignorant, is so obsessed with their own greed they don't care if Americans starve, won't pass a health care bill for Americans while trying to eliminate health care for over 20 millino so Big Pharma and Insurance can rake in more greed -

that same party has a major apoplectic fit over imagined vote fraud!

Remind you of anyone?

Hmmm? This reminds me of someone!

Some things are worth the wait!

Let's Finish This November 3rd!


The sun'll come up tomorrow!

We worried what the near future would bring after World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis and riots of the 60s, inflation and shortages of the 70s, Reagan/Contra and the H.W. Bush S&L Scandals of the late 80s and early 90s, Bush II and Cheney's Iraq/Afghanistan Lies. And somehow, usually after a Democrat took over, we managed to get through it.

This is from my 1958 book "Pictorial Astronomy" by Dinsmore Alter.

In a book published in 1884, S. P, Langley ended his discussion with a parable that applies just as well today as then:

"I have read somewhere a story about a race of ephemeral insects who live but an hour. To those who are born in the early morning the sunrise is the time of youth. They die of old age while its beams are yet gathering force, and only their descendants live on to midday: while it is another race which sees the sun decline, from that which saw it rise. Imagine the sun about to set, and the whole nation of mites gathered under the shadow of some mushroom (to them ancient as the sun itself) to hear what the wisest philosopher has to say of the gloomy prospect. If I remember aright, he first told them, incredible as it might seem, there was not only a time in the world's youth when the mushroom itself was young, but that the sun in those early ages was in the eastern, not the western, sky. Since then, he explained, the eyes of scientific ephemera had followed it, and established by induction from vast experience the "Great Law of Nature," that it moved only westward; and he showed that since it was now nearing the western horizon, science herself pointed to the conclusion that it was about to disappear forever, together with the great race of ephemera for whom it was created.
"What his hearers thought of this discourse I do not remember, but I have heard that the sun rose again the next morning."

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