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Member since: Fri Sep 11, 2020, 12:02 PM
Number of posts: 251

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01-21-2021 The First Dawn without Trump in office

will make even a cloudy, rainy, snowy or freezing day the best day that may have ever been...and wherever there's a sunny day, it'll seem almost Heavenly.

To paraphrase Anita Bryant's Quote (and ad): “Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.”
A Day without Trump is like a day with sunshine.

Just like School Days under a Desk today, Politicians!

Maybe now all you political assholes will get a glimmer of what kids in Connecticut, FLorida and other places felt like when it happened to them! Maybe now you'll have the guts to do something about the illegal gun problems in YOUR country and YOUR place of employment...since it ALMOST affected you.

God forbid it doesn't happen again...at least to you, right?

This just (sunk) in from the MSM (not!)

trump is nuts!

(from basically ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, et al)
Trump has incited a riot with his rhetoric!
It looks as though he may have been doing this for 4 years...can you believe it?
And it looks like social media may have helped.
We are just shocked!

Of course, none of us in the media has any fault or responsibility in what happened!

Stay tuned for more meaningful news, probably from FOX!

BTW, has anyone seen or heard ANYTHING from FOX?

How many Republican Senators will be LEGALLY sworn in to office January 4th?

Won't there be two less? Does that give an edge to the Democrats for 2 days so they can adjourn until January 21, 2021?
I guess Mike Pretence will have to be there to keep the balance to the right if Warnock and Ossoff win on the 6th and even after til Kamala becomes presiding President of the Senate?

Just curious!

Where's Willie?

99.98.97...3.2.1 Here I come, ready or not.
Now where is William Barr?
Has anyone seen Barr?
Is he still in the country?
I'm betting he's in Turkfuckistan hiding or in the baggage compartment of that big ol jet aeroliner, Areoflot just waiting at DUlles for the Trump Family extended vacation.

Here Willie! Here Willie! Willie, Willie, Willie. C'mon boy. Get back to work.

Has anybody here seen Willie?

The Queen of Hearts - Barr?



From Daily Kos:

Gee, ever stop to think what that really means?
In real-life terms, Proud Boi; not in those ‘God, Guts, and Guns” fever-dreams with which you normally frenzy yourself...
Your wife won’t be making those weekly, possibly even daily. trips to Costco, Starbucks, grocery stores or beauty salons, the malls, the beaches, the parks, etc.;
Ain’t gonna be no Hobby Lobby; no Chik Fil-A; no Beer Barn; no monster trucks or Stock Car races, no Indy 500, no ANYTHING.


Read the rest at the link.

Desiderata - Spoken by Sean Connery 1995

A version of the original Max Ehrmann Poem spoken by:
Sean Connery from 1995.
He should have done more of these. Enjoy.


For Donny

Parody of Max Ehrmann's 1927 poem by the National Lampoon

A little levity.


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