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Member since: Sun Sep 6, 2020, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,504

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59 y/o guy stuck in red Texas

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Aston Martin and Lucid Partner with Saudi Fund to Revolutionize the EV Market

Electric Vehicle HQ
Aston Martin and Lucid Motors have announced a strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) to further develop and expand the electric vehicle market. The PIF is a sovereign wealth fund that manages more than $400 billion in assets for the Saudi Arabian government. This partnership will help drive innovation in the EV industry and make significant progress towards a sustainable future.

Spread this Far and Wide

The orange conman Subpoena'd in the

ongoing proud boy seditious conspiracy trial as a criminal co conspirator.
He is to appear March 1st,
Is he hiding from being served ?

Just FYI
In a legal context, conspiracy refers to an agreement by two or more people to commit a crime. In any of these cases, the people involved can be called conspirators. The word co-conspirator refers to a conspirator conspiring with one or more other conspirators in the same conspiracy.

Rick Scott cornered like the rat he is

"Be Mine"

Thanks for the valentine

Ketchup must be flying at mara lago tonight

with news of Pence subpoena, what is trump thinking now ?
Oh Shit...

Pence Gets Subpoena From Special Counsel in Jan. 6 Investigation

New York Times
The move by Jack Smith, the special counsel, is one of the most aggressive in his investigation of Donald Trumpís efforts to stay in power and is likely to lead to a battle over executive privilege.
Former Vice President Mike Pence has been subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating former President Donald J. Trumpís efforts to cling to office after he lost his bid for re-election, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

The move by the Justice Department sets up a likely clash over executive privilege, which Mr. Trump has previously used to try to slow, delay and block testimony from former administration officials in various investigations into his conduct.
It was not immediately clear when the special counsel, Jack Smith, sought Mr. Penceís testimony. The move is among the most aggressive yet by Mr. Smith in his wide-ranging investigation into Mr. Trumpís role in seeking to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election.

Here it is the Social Security flip, VP Harris is trying not to laugh..

Why did the rethugs attend a SOTU address

of a guy speaking that they don't believe is President ?
And why did McCarthy introduce Joe as the President of the United States ?
WTF ??
Buncha clowns..

Masterful move Joe, God love ya.

Then Joe got the entire Republican Congress to commit to reject any and all cuts to social security and Medicare
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