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DemUnleashed's Journal
DemUnleashed's Journal
March 3, 2022

Tucker and Ketanji

Tucker Carlson thinks we need to see Ketanji Brown Jackson's LSAT score because it's only fair to see it considering the important position that she has been nominated for!

Oh back to the racist thing you Republicans love! Had to see Obama's birth certificate but never any other President's birth certificate. Gee, I wonder why!

Have to see Brown Jackson's LSAT scores but not those of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, or Coney-Barrett. Gee, I wonder why!

And talking about important positions, Tucker...would you consider President of The United States to be an important position? You know...being in the most important position, not only of our country, but of the world?? Would you agree that the President should be a smart person, Tucker?

Well, if so...if Trump runs again, we need to see his SAT scores and college grades. What was his GPA? Hell, I'll make it easier for you, Tucker. I'm going to give you a real bargain! If Trump runs again, let's forego the SAT scores, forego the college grades, and forego the GPA! Let's instead put him on ONE episode of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Now, Tucker, even you can see what a deal that is! I'm not even asking him to go on Jeopardy! Heck, I'll even handicap it for him and Trump can get asked Are You Smarter Than A 2nd Grader type questions!

Come on, Tucker, this deal is a real steal! If you don't agree that Trump must take up this offer, then I can only surmise that you must think Trump is not really that smart!

February 28, 2022

If Putin goes down...

If Putin goes down, whether he's brought down or it's a self-inflicted fall, I hope he first spills all the dirt on Trump, other Republican politicians, and our right-wing media!!!

February 21, 2022

How Exactly Has Fox News Been Reporting On This Issue??

So I have a Trumplican friend who I was just talking with on the phone. She's not a deplorable...no way would I be friends with them! But she is someone who I had a political clash with before and we both cooled down by not talking to each other for a few months. And then a few months ago, we started talking again but neither of us has brought up politics again

Well when I just spoke to her this morning, somehow the discussion went towards political correctness and cancel culture and she said she couldn't understand why black people would want to ban books like To Kill A Mockingbird! I was like "What??!!" I said black people are not the ones who want to ban it...it's white supremacists in red counties who do! She was shocked, we hung up, and she texted me a little while later and said she read up on this issue and that I was right

So my question is....How Exactly Has Fox News Been Reporting On This Issue??!

I know they lie and gaslight all the time but, come on!!

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