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Escurumbele's Journal
Escurumbele's Journal
August 20, 2021

Of course I am angry about what DeSantis. Abbot et al and what anti-vaxxers are doing

but I am even more upset that there is not enough push back from those who oppose them, and I mean people in office, lawyers.

How is it possible that DeSantis, Abbot, and others are willingly passing laws to prevent people from taking care of themselves, their families, their children when they know those mandates will result in people becoming infected and some of them will die. Why is it that no prosecution has begun against the evil bastards?

There are two reason why they are doing this, one to make Biden look bad (which makes no sense), and the other to cater to their ignorant base, but regardless of the reasons, they know very well the outcome of their actions, they know it will become impossible to stop the pandemic, they know people will become infected, they know people will die, and they know they are pushing the healthcare system to an abyss.

So WHY is it that not good lawyers are coming to pressure these murderers to stop their evil actions? Why is it that our Democratic elected officials are just complaining but no real action to stop them is happening?

As I said, I am even more angry at those who know better, who do have a brain but are not doing enough to stop the madness. The magats are just brainless, and you cannot cure stupid, but those with power need to start prosecutions, the intent of these politicians is clear, and they have lost the ability to claim ignorance because we all have seen the result of their actions, and even Abbot contracted the virus. Where are the good lawyers when we need them?

August 3, 2021

The media needs to stop mentioning trump, same as DU. We are giving him too much importance

That is not playing well for anyone but him and republicans.

The more he is in the news the stronger he gets.

He must become a bad memory, nothing more. We have to start talking, not about him running in 2024, but when he will be taken to prison for all the crimes he has committed throughout his life and during the time he was at the White House. I cannot say "his presidency" because as a president he was a zero, he never meant to govern, he was there trying to find out how he could benefit monetarily from the position he fell into. He could care less if the USA fell in the hands of Putin as long as he benefited financially from it.

So please, lets stop talking about the guy, he doesn't deserve our attention. At least lets get one post where we can gather all the information we may need to know about his legal troubles.

Lawrence O'Donnell had two gests last night and the entire conversation was about what trump was going to do/say about the infrastructure talks, "how is he going to influence it?" Who cares what the guy says, by holding an entire segment on him we are telling republicans that we care, that we are worried about what the guys says and does...No we don't, lets help republicans get away from trump and we will do that when we let the World know we don't care about what he does, he is just a bad memory who will soon be jailed. PLEASE!

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