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Escurumbele's Journal
Escurumbele's Journal
April 19, 2021

The republican party is looking for members, see requirements:

1. If you lie constantly.
2. If you have no empathy.
3. If you have been told many times that you are a hypocrite.
4. If you hate blacks, brown people, any non-white, think they are inferior to whites, and that whites are supreme.
5. If you think women are inferior.
6. If you only care about money.
7. If you enjoy cheating at everything.
8. If consequences are not important as long as you reach your goal.
9. If you are convinced that only you matters, that not even family should get in your way to success (whatever success means).
10. If you constantly play the macho man/woman and talk about war but have never enlisted or gone to war.
11. If you believe that fraud is just a method to get things done.
12. If you can act as a Christian while your actions show otherwise.
13. If you can wrap under the flag pretending to be a patriot but have no issues with Russia meddling in your country (use of a flag on lapel is mandatory).
14. If you are willing to repeat nonsense that your party leaders decide must be repeated.
15. If you are not a person who holds original thoughts.
16. If you love guns and are willing to support the NRA.
17. If you are willing to offer "Thoughts and Prayers" after a mass shooting, but nothing else.
18. If you are a white supremacist (no need to disclose in public, you can keep it a secret).
19. If you think the insurrection to the Capitol was well justified.
20. If you are willing to kiss trump's ass, even when his diapers are dirty.
21. If you are willing to have faith in the party, or in other words believe anything the leaders tell you without asking or seeing proof of it.
22. If you believe education gets in the way of your life.
23. If you think COVID-19 is a hoax.
24. If you think vaccines are a Democratic strategy to implant a micro-chip on you.
25. If you feel you are entitled.
26. If you believe Bill Gates and George Soros are out to dominate the World.
27. To be continued, there is more, but these are enough to be accepted in the party.

If you meet all those "qualities", we want you to become a member of the republican party, you will meet people just like you. You will be happy because we believe that ignorance is bliss, and it is our goal to keep you all that way.

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