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Did I hear Right?

Did Trump really say that he was the least racist person in the room at a debate being moderated by an African American woman?

Reasons I Feel Better This Time Around

I have watched shows and read threads here talking about how well things looked in 2016 and yet how it all went to crap. The intended lesson being that we shouldn't put too much stock in the poll numbers we are seeing now. Well I am always cautious with my optimism but allow me to lay out my reasons I feel better this time.

1). Despite the leads Hillary had in the polls in 2016 she almost never hit 50% in any of them. Biden is consistently hitting 50% and higher in state and national polls.

2.) The Republicans had smeared Hillary with almost 30 years of unrelenting propaganda. Sadly propaganda works and they successfully implanted a negative opinion of her in a great many peoples minds. Biden does not suffer from such high negative opinion numbers.

3.) The Democratic primary of 2016 was long and bitter. It ran right up to the convention and left the party pretty divided. A lot of people did not have sufficient time to get over their disappointment. This time it ended much sooner. More time for people to shake it off and get back on board the big bus.

4.) Russia definitely interfered last time but I think peoples eyes are a little more open to their tricks and tactics this time.

5.) The misogynistic factor isn't in play. As much as it disappoints me to say it I firmly believe that a lot of men out there just would not vote for a woman at the top of the ticket. Not the kind of thing they would admit to a pollster but when they were alone in the voting booth it was another matter.

6.) The reports seem to indicate that there will be no bullshit investigation news or indictment of Biden here in the remaining weeks prior to the election like the bullshit Comey pulled on Hillary with the e-mail crap.

7.) And finally I just don't think a lot of people took Trump seriously back in 2016. I think they saw him as a joke with no chance to win. So many of them did not turn out to vote. Well hopefully the last 4 years have educated them to the fact that he may be a joke in many respects but he's a damn lethal nightmare of a joke. And his threat to win again has to be taken seriously.

These are my thoughts. What say you?
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