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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2020, 08:50 PM
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Repubs trying to ram through a Supreme Court judge

Shows they think they are going to lose the senate and the White House in November . Itís the most sleazy power grab in American politics.

Democrats should threaten 2 more Supreme Court

Judges if we win the senate, end of story we need to stop playing patty cakes with these people.

RBG last will was a new President install her replacement

Letís see if Mitch honours that wish, and see him try to cling to power.

Expect the national polls to tighten but states polls to stay relatively the same.

We are getting more garbage polls like Rasmussen thatís doing mostly doing national polls to try to show a close race. Most of the A+ polls are doing more state polls which Biden lead pretty much the same since June.

We have a 58% chance of gaining control of the senate

According to 538, I like those odds compared to other years
Where Republicans had the advantage in these forecasts before.


A lot of hand wringing about Biden campaign team not campaigning in person

yeah like people want to see strangers knocking on their door during a pandemic, Biden is running a smart strategy of running most of their campaign through TV ads because guess what most people are home now. Biden is way ahead of Donald Trump in polls, this election may not even be close as the pundits on twitter want their to be


From Quinnipiac poll


You know Trump is losing when his bots are out in full force today

trying to muddy the waters.

I see Trump trolls all over social media

they have been busy sowing disinformation about Biden's health, trolling Biden's facebook and twitter pages about him being a secret pedophile. Biden's youtube videos more dislikes than likes on most of them. This election is going to get ugly.
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