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TigressDem's Journal
TigressDem's Journal
March 26, 2022

Anyone heard if VISION FOR A JUST AMERICA is a scam operation?

Since it came into Minnesota from Alabama, I am a bit skeptical that it is legit. It sounds like it could be Southern Poverty Law Center, but it could be referring to Jeffersonian or Federalist ideals as well.

Down south there have been large voter purges based on common names or alias of felons, ie: any John Smith, Maryia Jones or Pedro Hernandez more likely.

The spelling of the first name on my "survey" possibly suggests non-white as it is an off spelling of a common name. So it makes me think they are targeting African American names.

If other people get misdirects to their address feel free to use this format and substitute your details for my blanked or XX'd out ones. My main concern is that one of the names that popped up is an elderly person who is probably in a nursing home and they have already been targeted by scammers and had their party affiliation switched in some areas.

Also people have reported being mysteriously dropped from their registered status after years of voting from the same residence in the same precinct within weeks of actual vote day. I think I saw one person had checked within 2 weeks of voting and was good, then showed up to vote and was out of the system somehow.

I just emailed - [email protected]

I got a misdirected "SURVEY" from Vision For A Just America to my address:

XXX XXth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407-2314

Addressee is: XXXXX A Martin.

There is a Participant Number assigned:

The survey arrived from Montgomery, AL Prepaid Postage Permit #

I have lived here since May 1995 and during all those years no one named XXXXX A Martin has ever lived at this residence. We own this house and there are no one but our family who have ever lived here. We are XXXXXX, XXXXXX and XXXXXX/XXX.

I did a Google search for possible misdirects. See below **

The first is my biggest concern since canvassers are changing voting registrations in nursing homes and this person is very likely a target of such a scam. Changing her voting address through a survey is another possibility. It could be an innocent, honest mistake, but if not, it’s better your office knows something is happening before many people are defrauded.

** XXXXX G Martin who lives at XXXXX Street, Mpls 55430

(May be deceased – Age 103 born Jan 1919)

XXXXX C Martin (Born 1985) lives at XXXX XXth, Mpls 55407

(Closest match)


XXXXX Martin

Address Hopkins, MN 55343

XXXXX Martin

Address Saint Paul, MN 55106

XXXXX Martin

Address CIRCLE PINES, MN 55014

I checked my voter registration online and it looks good today. My husband’s as well, but if this person is somehow assigned to our address and we are dropped… that could be a problem as I regularly vote and work 40 hours a week during regular business hours.

Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.


March 18, 2022

Grief makes families do stupid stuff.

My Aunt on my Mother's side recently passed away.

She was a wonderful person who opened her home to so many of the family for so many reasons. She was in ill health for a long time and her DIL was caring for her and her own 84 year old Mother.

My Sister sent flowers on a monthly basis and was asked to stop as this was "too much" for the DIL. Even flower cards were "too much" so my Sister complied even though our Aunt said on every occasion that these flowers made her feel loved and that she did not get any direct contact like that from other family members.

My Aunt had a stroke and while in the hospital they decided she needed a pace maker. She wanted to decline. She wanted to die. She wanted to go home to Heaven.

She got a pace maker and the DIL continued to feel the stress. It's been 3-4 months and Hospice stepped in and the DIL was under less stress. I don't know how long Hospice was involved, but my Sister still cared and kept in contact, speaking twice to my Aunt recently.

For my Sister's love and care, she has been told she is banned from the funeral and is not to send flowers. Not only that she is supposedly overstepped the "real" family's grief when she found out on my Aunt's facebook page that she passed by saying my Aunt passed away prayers etc.... Because supposedly it is the right/responsibility of the "real" family to do that FIRST.

Now it wasn't the DIL who banned my Sister, but my older cousin interceding on her behalf.

Now I want to go to the funeral and just glare at them, put some roses on the casket for myself and my sister and if they try to turn ME away, throw the shame bomb at them for their non-Christian behavior. I won't, but visualizing doing crazy theatrical stuff is a way to de-stress so I don't have to do stupid stuff.

Funny thing is my Sister and I had an argument when my Mom passed (we DID get through the funeral, though) and didn't talk to each other for a year. The fact that we got past it and are now closer than ever and I admire and respect her so much I want to go and take care of these idiots on her behalf is VERY ironic.

There are SO MANY SKELETONS in our family closet that I COULD make the entire family suffer for years and years if I so chose.

But that wouldn't be very nice or Christian of me.

Instead, I am leaving it up to God to teach these yokels the error of their ways and Karma is a real bitch. They think their lives so far have been hard?

Anyone who thinks they have the right to ban another family member from a funeral for simply loving and expressing that love to the person deceased is already on a crazy train and heading for the cliff.

Guess I will just pull up a seat and watch the show.

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