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Member since: Wed Aug 26, 2020, 11:03 PM
Number of posts: 5,014

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May need to limit my time on DU, so if I don't get back to you right away, it's not personal. I've been ON DU so much I got a lot of other stuff to do. See ya' soon.

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My son has a "1776" jacket

He's an adult. He's drinking the koolaid.

BUT does this mean he's in a militia?

We don't talk about politics because he won't listen and I won't be mansplained to with info from MTG.

I keep feeling like I am morning the death of the person I'd hoped he'd be.

I taught him to "think for himself" and so he has rejected "my knowledge" in favor of the shit stain's.

FDR in 1936 - A good reminder from history of how Government SHOULD work.


Governments can err, Presidents do make mistakes, but the immortal Dante tells us that divine justice weighs the sins of the cold-blooded and the sins of the warm-hearted in different scales.

Better the occasional faults of a Government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a Government frozen in the ice of its own indifference.

There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.

Verbal Diarrhea

What tRUMP says is often described as "word salad" but to me that is a misnomer.

People with legitimate issues like stroke have "word salad" incidents.

BUT his words are imbued with such a malignant, odorous fumes, it can only be:


Would you agree?

What if the "insurrection" happened in Texas to a homeowner with armed security forces?

Man is a caretaker for four years. Let's say it's an apartment building with an onsite office and a nearby house for the caretaker. At the end of those four years another caretaker is hired and the former caretaker is required to move out.

Former caretaker thinks it's still his right to have that job, even though the Landlord has already been in court with this person 60 times and it has been confirmed that the former tenant has no right to remain caretaker.

Former caretaker goes to a huge park nearby and gives a speech to 1000's of people telling them the lie that he has the right to be the caretaker in that apartment building and to live in the house provided for the caretaker. Telling them they should go and get it back for him by stopping the people filing the paperwork from doing their job by any means necessary.

The people filing the paperwork have security outside trying to keep the crowd away so they can do their job, but the crowd is armed and dangerous, beating and even killing the security forces.

Once the building is breached, security uses deadly force against the mob and evacuates the workers inside.

The crowd ransacks and rages and is eventually removed.

The workers come back and do their job.

Does that homeowner have the right to sue the previous caretaker for sending a mob to attack the house?

IS anyone who helped this to happen guilty of participating in the crime?

WHO are we kidding?

IF this happened in Texas to a homeowner, everyone who DARED cross that threshold would be so full of bullets, there would not be anyone left to be tried except the goon who sent them and the traitors who were supposed to be doing their jobs.

Mailman saves the life of a woman on his postal route.


Despite his decades of working the same route, Stephen had never really experienced anything too dramatic while delivering mail that is, until he helped save the life of a woman who lives in the neighborhood.

One day, Stephen noticed a 2-year-old boy wandering around outside his house, all alone. It was an instant red flag, and the concerned postal carrier wasn't about to ignore it.
Stephen, who had seen this boy on his route before, immediately asked him where his mother was. The boy was visibly frightened and pointed beyond his front porch and inside his home.

Stephen ran inside and discovered the child's mother, Stephanie, hunched over her son's stroller. She was totally unconscious and unresponsive after reportedly having a bad reaction to medication.

Let's talk about being armed and black.... Beau of the Fifth


Тrumр mаkеѕ mоѕt DЕRАΝGЕD аnd DЕLUЅІОΝАL Роѕtѕ аѕ hіѕ Wоrld СОLLАРЅЕЅ
23,770 views Dec 22, 2022 (2 hours ago)

57,493 views Dec 21, 2022 (16 hours ago)

94,420 views Dec 21, 2022 (20 hours ago)

Тrսmр Тоwеr Fіlеѕ RАІDЕD bу РОLІСЕ Тоnіght
127,646 views Dec 21, 2022 (23 hours ago)

Some police reform is happening. Cops defend citizen against false 911 call

This is encouraging. We so often see only the cops behaving badly, but these cops show a good example.

They know the law, their part and where the callers were overstepping their bounds and defended the citizen against false charges.

Maybe we need a new Forum... Stupid things RETHUGS do...

Then we could lump a lot of these posts together.

Just a thought.

Judge Robert Hinkle may give Andrew Warren justice against DeSantis firing him.

Andrew Warren was a twice elected official who DeSantis fired for being too "woke" but the courts do not see he had the right.

DeSantis may want to make Florida the place where "woke" goes to die, but courts may dump him out on his a**

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