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Enter stage left

Enter stage left's Journal
Enter stage left's Journal
November 16, 2023

This is for DU'er Archae...

about 45 years ago I was advised that "The easiest way to get a great, in shape body, is to marry one".

November 8, 2023

Let's talk about poll numbers for a second, this is the most unscientific poll...

ever done, but probably far more accurate than the NYT poll done a few days ago!

As some of you may know, we travel full time in our motor home, but we have to be back in SLC twice a year for medical purposes

We stay in a RV park that has almost 160 RV spots.

Three years ago when we walked around the CG there were probably 33-50% of the vehicles had tRump flags or stickers on them. Yesterday my SO and I walked around the CG specially looking for tRump trash.



Utah is a very red state (although SLC leans blue) but probably 50-65% of the vehicles were out of state, many from red states. TFG is losing support daily, and it will get worse for him.

As further proof, we came down from Canada into Washington & into Oregon and saw almost NO tRump flags or stickers.

So, take these polls from "News" organizations with a shovel-full of salt, they are bull-shit. TFG is going to lose. BUT remember to get out the vote and remind younger voters what freedoms they could lose under rePuq leadership.

Hope this is good and better polling news than what we've been seeing!

October 25, 2023

tRump told everyone that MAGA meant "Make America Great Again"...

It turn out that the true meaning of MAGA is...

"My Attorneys getting Annihilated"

October 13, 2023

LBN...in general discussion...Trump has called all of his genius atty"s...

and, Mike Lindell to brainstorm with him about this latest development about his "Non disclosure agreements".

right now, as we speak, some are flying to Florida, some are driving and Lindell & Giuliani are thumbing their way towards southern Florida.

The last we heard on the Fux channel is he is trying to decide if he would be better off swimming to Russia, or committing suicide by jumping out of a basement window.

Stay tuned, more news when it happens.

October 12, 2023

I had been buying very inexpensive wireless bluetooth keyboards for my tablet & phone...

because I hated using the touch-screens on my devices.

But, because they were "inexpensive" (cheap) they only lasted about 5-6 month before they failed. I bought two of them...lesson learned!

So...when I had to use computers constantly when I was working, I used a very reliable brand of wireless mouse and keyboard. I thought...what the hell, let's try their bluetooth keyboard (well over twice as expensive)... only had it for a few days so far, and at first I was very disappointed.

All of my other keyboards had "bumps" or "devices" in the middle of the keys to indicate where your index finger should be placed. All of them that I had those indicators in the middle of the "J" and "F" key. I was so disappointed when this new (highly recommended) keyboard didn't have those indicators.

UNTIL ...Duh,duh,da,duh!!!!



October 11, 2023

Lauren Gropebert...LOL

Special thanks to DU member Celerity!

September 29, 2023

Some on DU & other left sites are saying we should go to McCarthy...

and tell him we'll support him IF he will cooperate with us.

That's a worthy thought, but...make him come to us and beg for our support!

With 10 repuqs & all the democrats he could remain speaker, but then he would belong to us.

Not the magat crazies.

September 26, 2023


a orange hued lunatic with 91 felony indictments, who has already threatened to "Shoot somebody on 5th Avenue" has recently purchased a gun.

Please be advised, this person is mentally unstable, not able to respond with a vocabulary of better than a second grader in Alabama, and has never understood reasoning or logic.

He is crazy and will try to tell you he is "The real president of the U.S. that had his election stolen from him".

It is possible he will have side-kicks in his delusions. If you see or hear anyone named "Gosar" or "Greene" or "Bobert" be advised they are just as dangerous and delusional & could be prone to violence as is the orange lunatic.

We would recommend approaching with care, taser in hand (use liberally), a straight-jacket for a male subject who (in his delusional state will tell you he is 6'3" & 215 pounds) but is closer to 6'1" and 345 pounds. If a arrest is made do NOT, repeat, do NOT use care to protect his head while putting him in the patrol car.

When apprehended take him straight to Rikers Island. They are prepared to house him forever.

That is all!

September 21, 2023

Huge shout-out to Earl G and all of the brilliant techs on DU...

I had explained that I couldn't expand or contract the pages with my fingers on DU4 like I had been able to on DU3.

While DU4 was down for the last few days, they fixed that problem. It's so much easier on my "getting older everyday eyes".

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are so lucky to have the talent of our administrators.

And, I'm getting to like DU4 more everyday.

September 19, 2023

The very first thing that should happen in case of a gov't shutdown is...

All of the representatives & senators of the party responsible for the shutdown should lose ALL federal protections!

Let them face their constituents without secret service or any federal law enforcement.

How long do you think those cowards would last?

Just a thought!

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I'm ashamed to say I've been lurking here since around 2004. I've finally had enough. There is nothing more important than taking back our country NOW. Whatever it takes to humilate tRump & the rePugs this Nov should be front & center, & continue for the next 2-3 generations. I was born in 1945 to a special ed teacher & a Navy aviator. They supported Gen Eisenhower & looking back, I truly believe he was the last Republican of honor in their party. RESIST. NEVER GIVE UP!

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