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Wicked Blue

Wicked Blue's Journal
Wicked Blue's Journal
September 22, 2022

Yum. Nyquil fried chicken

Serve with a side of buttered Tide Pods
September 21, 2022

Washington Monument Vandalized With Red Paint, Profanity

By NBC Washington Staff • Published September 21, 2022

A man was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly dumping a bucket of paint and writing profanities on the Washington Monument.

U.S. Park Police officers arrested the man, whose name has not been released, at around 7:30 p.m. Video showed red paint on the Monument and profanities on one of the walls.

The motive of the vandalism was not immediately clear.

The base was expected to remain closed for a few overnight hours as an investigation continues, and National Park Service said crews were preparing to begin work "first thing in the morning" Wednesday.


September 15, 2022

Team Putin Threatens Maniacal Response to Bitter War Losses

This is precisely why I'm worried about Russia telling Russians to leave Crimea. Why are they telling their people to get out? Are they planning to do something awful there?

Daily Beast
Julia Davis
Published Sep. 15, 2022 4:47AM

The humiliating defeats of Russia’s Armed Forces in Ukraine are prompting the Kremlin’s mouthpieces to propose increasingly violent tactics. Lobbying for a “scorched earth” policy on state television, Russian pundits and expert guests have been openly comparing the Ukrainian battleground to Chechnya, Syria, and even the infamous Beslan school massacre, where Russian special forces killed many hostages along with their terrorist captors.

Appearing on Wednesday’s broadcast of the state TV show 60 Minutes, military expert Igor Korotchenko said: “This is a new reality, which is why we should be acting quickly, harshly and uncompromisingly. First of all, we need to scale up our strikes against critical infrastructure in such a way that one region after the next, one district after another, Ukraine is plunged into darkness... By December, 20 million residents of Ukraine should flee to the West, to the European Union. This is our goal and the task we should accomplish.”

Korotchenko proposed: “Perhaps we should openly declare: ‘Leave. Zelensky is turning this territory into a real hell. No one knows what will happen here next. Twenty million, go to Europe.’ After that, we sink region after region into darkness. This is our enemy nation, the modern Third Reich, and we should act accordingly.”

Similar proposals permeated Russian airwaves, with experts arguing that the rules of the civilized world prohibiting war crimes are merely recommendations, compliance with which is optional. On Monday, appearing on The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at the Moscow State University, explained why those international conventions are irrelevant: “The rules of war, according to international conventions, are of an advisory nature: not to strike [certain objects], if possible. But it’s no longer possible.”

September 14, 2022

'We Have Nowhere to Run,' Says Russian Soldier in Kharkiv

Allison Quinn
News Editor
Daily Beast

As Russian defense officials on Tuesday stayed mum on new defeats in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, a Russian soldier was caught calling home to tell his family the Russians are “losing” and have no way out.

That’s according to audio released by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, which said it had intercepted a phone call between the soldier based in Kharkiv and his father.

“What’s up, how are things?” the father asks, prompting the blunt response: “Everything’s bad, pop.”

“We’re losing, definitely, on top of that,” his son explains.


September 8, 2022

The future queen volunteered in the Auxiliary Transport Service in WW2

Excerpt from the Evening-Standard, May 2020:

Newspapers at the time dubbed her “Princess Auto Mechanic” and reported that the King had ordered that she ‘is to be treated exactly the same as any other student officer, with no special privileges because of personal rank.’

Pictures and videos show her dressed in a boiler suit working on a car engine, pulling out spark plugs and in her smart ATS uniform as she drove a truck.

Princess Elizabeth learned to tear apart, repair and build engines and additionally learned to drive a number of different military vehicles, including trucks and ambulances.

I think this is one of the coolest things about the late Queen.

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