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Wicked Blue

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Maryland
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Aug 11, 2020, 09:58 PM
Number of posts: 5,483

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President Biden Haiku

"For God’s sake, this man
cannot remain in power"
(He is a monster)

Poison is a coward's weapon

and Vladimir Putin is a chickenshit coward

An unknown number of Putin's perceived enemies have died or been sickened by poisoning over the years.

If there is forensic evidence that the three-member Ukrainian negotiating team including billionaire Roman Abramovich was poisoned during talks in Kyiv earlier this month, there must be a full investigation. The world needs to know the source and nature of the poison, find out who administered it, and who ordered it. Unfortunately, the people who administered poison, and those who told them to do it, may conveniently disappear. Nothing will ever point back to the poisoner-in-chief, Putin.

Putin is a coward who keeps a 30-foot-long table between himself and his closest associates. Contrast this with our President Joe Biden, who sits down to talk with U.S. and NATO troops face to face.

Would Putin dare sit among his troops to chat with them? Never. He's too scared of being killed by one of the many who loathe him.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is repeatedly shown standing among Ukraine's defenders, visiting the injured, grieving for the dead.

Would Putin dare to walk among his faltering soldiers to boost morale? Heavens no, he's too scared that some angry soldier might shoot him. Would he visit the injured, or show up at funerals for the dead? Hell no. They are mere cannon fodder for his illusions of empire. And besides, someone might shoot, stab or poison him.

No, the chickenshit coward Putin is safely isolated in some super-secure hideaway, firing 1000 of his closest aides and servers and replacing them with new ones. Just on the off-chance that one or two - or possibly all 1000 - hate him enough to risk their own lives trying to kill him.

Putin's relentless punishment of those who dare to disagree with him has bred fear and hatred. He dares not walk among his own people. If he feels victimized, it's his own fault. He is obviously too weak and cowardly to face even the slightest criticism. Such a delicate snowflake.

Sociopaths like Putin never accept responsibility for their own actions and poor decisions. Someone else always needs to take the blame. Someone else gets tortured. Or executed. Or tossed out a window. Or poisoned. Or imprisoned for life. And someone else carries out his orders, because Putin is afraid to get his own cowardly hands dirty if there are witnesses.

Abramovych and two other participants in Ukraine's talks with Russia have symptoms of chemical poiso

Abramovych and two other participants in Ukraine's talks with Russia have symptoms of chemical poisoning, - Bellingcat

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovych and two other delegates who took part in talks between Ukraine and Russia on the night of March 3-4 have symptoms of chemical poisoning.


"Bellingcat can confirm that three members of the delegation who took part in the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on the night of March 3-4, 2022, experienced symptoms of chemical weapons poisoning. One of the victims was a Russian businessman Roman Abramovych", the statement said.

Bellingcat journalists remind us that Abramovych took part in the talks, which were also attended by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Rustem Umerov. Earlier, several media outlets reported that Umerov was allegedly poisoned. The deputy himself denies it. "I'm fine. Here is my answer to all the rumors spread by the tabloids. Please do not trust unverified information. We have an information war going on," he tweeted on the morning of March 28.

According to investigators, the night after the talks, three members of the talks experienced symptoms of poisoning - inflammation of the skin and sharp pain in the eyes. The symptoms did not subside until morning. The next day, they left Kyiv for Lviv, and from there traveled through Poland to Istanbul to continue negotiations.

Source: https://censor.net/en/n3329341

ALSO reported by Reuters, Wall Street Journal and more

(Reuters) - Sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning earlier this month after a meeting in Kyiv, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

ALSO on Twitter by a reporter for The Guardian


Ukrainian 'witches' plan ritual to topple Putin

Express Tribune
News Desk March 26, 2022

Witches in Ukraine want to perform a three-day ritual – in collaboration with foreign partners – in efforts to oust Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia Today reported the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency (UNIAN) as reporting after a social media post by a Kyiv-based Witch Cauldron shop.

According to the shop’s Instagram post: “On March 31, on the 29th lunar day, the day of corruption and curses, we, the witches of Ukraine, in collaboration with foreign partners, will perform a ritual of punishing the enemy of the Ukrainian people – Vladimir Putin”.

The first phase of the ritual is set to happen at Ukraine’s “place of power” which may refer to the Bald Mountain outside of Kyiv. The site is a location in Slavic folk mythology and is linked to witchcraft.

The second stage is to be held in an unnamed “Slavic country” with the aid of the witches’ “foreign colleagues”. Lastly, they wish to create a “stone sack” for Putin which will allegedly cause him to face “isolation, ousting from power and loss of support from the inner circle”.

More at link:


This seems to be a publication in Pakistan

World Court orders Russia to cease military operations in Ukraine

Source: Reuters


AMSTERDAM, March 16 (Reuters) - The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Russia on Wednesday to stop the military actions it started in Ukraine on Feb. 24.

"The Russian Federation shall immediately suspend the military operations that it commenced on Feb 24, 2022 in the territory of Ukraine," the judges said.

The judges added Russia must also ensure that other forces under its control or supported by Moscow should not continue the military operation.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/world/world-court-orders-russia-cease-military-operations-ukraine-2022-03-16/?utm_source=reddit.com

Japan hit by strong quake cutting power to millions

Update to LBN post earlier:


A powerful earthquake has been recorded in north-east Japan and is reported to have cut power to two million homes.

The tremor was recorded at magnitude 7.3 and in some areas is said to have reached 6-plus on Japan's shaking intensity scale, making it too forceful for people to stand.

People living in the Fukushima, Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures have been told to expect aftershocks.


An advisory for tsunami waves of one metre (3.3ft) has also been issued for parts of the north-east coast.


New Device Helps Patients Recover From Opioid Addiction

By Doreen Gentzler, News4 Anchor and Patricia Fantis

A small, wearable device is helping patients survive the awful symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Spark Biomedical created the FDA-approved Sparrow Therapy System. It’s essentially an earpiece that sends mild electrical pulses to the brain to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that patients go through while they’re detoxing, like insomnia, tremors, chills and sweating, bone pain, mood swings, and more.

“One of the reasons there's an opioid epidemic is that the withdrawal symptoms, the painful, excruciating detox process to get off opioids, is so bad that most people can't endure it,” Spark Biomedical President and CEO Daniel Powell.

“We're able to deliver mild amounts of electrical stimulation at points near and around the ear, where surface area nerves, cranial nerves come up and they tell the brain to calm down and they actually drive the brain to produce its own endogenous endorphins, which fill the vacant opioid channels when somebody is going through opioid withdrawal,” Powell said.

More at link


People's Convoy Trucker Punches D.C. Driver's Window in Road Rage Fit

Daily Beast
Zachary Petrizzo
Media Reporter
Published Mar. 14, 2022 5:19PM ET

A trucker member of the so-called “People’s Convoy” apparently can’t hack it in D.C. traffic and engaged in a little road rage on Monday afternoon, getting out of his truck to confront a driver and punch his window. During his own live stream, truck driver John Bigard, host of the OTR Survival YouTube channel, was seen getting out of his vehicle on U.S. 395 and confronting a driver who seemingly attempted to merge from a far left lane towards an exit. At one point, Bigard was seen yelling at the driver before repeatedly striking the driver side window of the silver car. Upon getting back into his truck, the convoy trucker appeared to mock the driver’s accent while calling him a “fucking idiot.” People’s Convoy organizers and the D.C. metro police didn’t immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on the incident. This was not the anti-vaccine mandate trucker convoy’s first episode of road rage, as they have been spitefully boxing in cars in response to drivers giving them the middle finger. “We will continue to address any violations of the law while we maintain the free flow of traffic,” a Maryland State Police official told The Daily Beast Monday morning.


Temper, temper now

FreeDumb Convoy causing major rush hour traffic mess in DC area

Trucker Convoy Causing Traffic Delays in DC Area

NBC Washington

A convoy of truck drivers and others protesting COVID-19 restrictions is causing major traffic delays in D.C. during Monday’s evening rush hour.

The convoy brought traffic to a grinding halt on some roadways as hundreds of trucks and SUVs headed into the District and police and transportation officials blocked exit ramps to limit access to the downtown area.

Backups could be seen at about 4 p.m. along I-695 near the exits for the U.S. Capitol, as well as on the 14th Street Bridge and I-395.


Making Trumper heads explode: Putin OKs online voting

Putin signs law to allow online voting at elections across Russia

March 14 (Reuters) - An online voting system that was criticised by some defeated candidates at parliamentary elections last year will be rolled out for use across Russia after President Vladimir Putin signed electronic voting procedures into law on Monday.

A coalition of defeated parliamentary candidates in Moscow claimed they were cheated of victory in a parliamentary election last September by the system and sought to try to overturn the results via lawsuits and public pressure.

Then only used in some regions, the system can now be used at elections and referendums across Russia at a national and regional level, after an online government portal showed Putin had signed the law, which had already passed through parliament.


There's going to be only one choice: DA

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