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Wicked Blue

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Maryland
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Aug 11, 2020, 08:58 PM
Number of posts: 3,347

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Rock Legend Eddie Van Halen Has Died Of Cancer

Source: Buzzfeed News

Salvador Hernandez BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on October 6, 2020, at 4:14 p.m. ET

Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitarist for the band Van Halen, has died of cancer, his son announced Tuesday. He was 65.

"Every moment I've shared with him on and off stage was a gift," Wolf Van Halen wrote in a short statement posted on Twitter. "My heart is broken and I don't think I'll ever fully recover from this loss."

The musician was one of the founders of the California-born band, along with his brother Alex Van Halen, singer David Lee Roth, and bassist Michael Anthony.

Read more: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/salvadorhernandez/eddie-van-halen-dies-of-cancer

Did a little Full Moon ritual yesterday, Oct. 1

I lit a white candle and meditated on moon even though it was behind clouds.

Then said some words of power for the safety of Joe and Jill Biden, for unity, for peace, for a good conclusion to the election, for the good of all -- meaning all of us in this nation, even D.T.

It's specifically against my wiccan training to wish harm on anyone, ever. Also it's very bad karma. The most I could ever do would be a spell binding someone to prevent them from causing harm, but that's a dark moon action anyway, and I've very seldom done it.

Then today I woke up to the news of the pResident's illness.

I'm very glad I didn't ill-wish him, or I'd be feeling awful. And VERY glad indeed that I asked for the Bidens' safety, and the safety of us all.

sending blessings of light and healing to everyone, no exceptions

What if Mike Pence gets infected? White House COVID-19 outbreak could set off constitutional chaos

Raw Story
Published 2 hours ago
on October 2, 2020
By Travis Gettys

NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian laid out the possible chain of events if Vice President Mike Pence also tests positive for the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump announced that he and first lady Melania Trump had been infected, along with senior adviser Hope Hicks, and Dilanian explained to MSNBC’s

“There’s a sense this is a dire national security situation, perhaps even a crisis, at the same time,” Dilanian said. “Unlike Boris Johnson, the president of the United States is the commander in chief of the world’s most powerful military with the awesome nuclear force and he has a nuclear football at his disposal at all times, and he needs to be mentally and cognitively in full capacity to be able to make split decisions about national security threats to the United States.”

“So we’ll hear a lot, I think, in the coming days about this term continuity of government,” he continued. “That is a term that notes a lot of different procedures and operations behind the scenes. It got a lot of attention after 9/11. It’s war-gamed and there are exercises every year where the government games out how it’s going to maintain operations in the event of a crisis. Most of the planning has to do with catastrophic attacks, terrorist attacks, and a lot of it involves whisking decision-makers away to bunkers. There are places they would take the president in the event of a crisis, but when you have the president infected with COVID that’s a problem. You wouldn’t want an infected person with key decision makers.”


Here's a thought: quarantining the entire Republican Party

until they recover.

Don't forget that COVID-19 can have serious long-lasting aftereffects

such as cognitive decline, lung and heart damage, and much more.

Even if he has a mild case and recovers, he could end up with cognitive issues on top of pre-existing cognitive issues.

How much money has the Trump pResidency cost America?

This thought has been troubling me for some time.

Ever since I read that his protective Secret Service agents are required to stay in expensive Trump-owned facilities and rent pricey golf carts at taxpayer expense, I have wondered how much of our money he is blowing through. Particularly when it profits one of his properties and lines his own pockets.

Use of Air Force One and the White House for campaign purposes and for personal use. Huge tax giveaways to the rich and the corporations, some presumably with financial ties to himself and his family. The looting of protective gear including masks, leaving to shortages for medical workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Selling federal land to private interests. And how much did his gold toilet cost us?

His golf trips. His weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago. Making Secret Service agents stay at a Trump-owned property in Scotland at taxpayer expense an hour from where Trump was staying. These are likely just the tip of an iceberg of squandering public money.

I'm just citing these few examples off the top of my head. Surely skilled researchers can put together some realistic numbers. Maybe it's been done already.

The Biden-Harris campaign might want to put together some estimates, if there is enough time.

My fear is that after he is kicked or dragged out of the White House in January, and the amount of money he has cost us is finally added up and made public, we will discover that he has bankrupted our nation, landing us in debt for many years to come.

Maryland's Web-delivered ballots -- more than 110,000 have been requested -- must be hand-copied by po

I have a horrible feeling about this.

The Washington Post
By Erin Cox
September 25, 2020 at 5:39 p.m. EDT

The rush to vote from home this year left Maryland election judges with a burden that plagues no other state in the country: Ballots delivered online cannot be read by the state’s scanning machines.

To be counted, each of those ballots must instead be hand-copied by election judges onto a cardstock ballot.

And each week, more requests for those Web-delivered ballots are rolling into election offices around the state, dramatically increasing the pressure on a system built for a far different type of election.

A month ahead of the deadline, more than 111,000 people have requested Web-delivered blank ballots — nearly twice the volume of the previous election. About 924,000 voters have so far asked for ballots to be mailed to them.


The daring plan to save the Arctic ice with glass

BBC Future Planet
By Katya Zimmer
23rd September 2020

One of the most important, yet underappreciated, features of the Arctic sea ice is the ability of its blindingly white surfaces to reflect sunlight. For at least as long as our species has existed, the frozen seas at the top of our world have acted as a massive parasol that helps keep the planet cool and its climate stable.

Yet now, much of that ice is rapidly vanishing. Rising temperatures have locked the Arctic in a self-destructive feedback loop: the warmer it gets, the reflective white ice dissolves into darker, blue water, which absorbs more of the Sun’s warmth rather than reflecting it back into space. Warmer water accelerates melting, which means yet more absorption of heat, which drives further melting – and so on in a vicious cycle that is part of the reason why the Arctic is warming around twice as fast as the rest of the planet. This July, ice cover was as low as it had ever been at that time of the year.

As planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, some have been driven to explore desperate measures. One proposal put forward by the California-based non-profit Arctic Ice Project appears as daring as it is bizarre: to scatter a thin layer of reflective glass powder over parts of the Arctic, in an effort to protect it from the Sun’s rays and help ice grow back. “We’re trying to break [that] feedback loop and start rebuilding,” says engineer Leslie Field, an adjunct lecturer at Stanford University and chief technical officer of the organisation.

The melting of the sea ice has impacts far beyond the Arctic and its inhabitants. It will contribute to rising sea levels, and some say it’s already disrupting weather patterns around the globe. If we lose our protective white shield entirely – which some reckon could happen just decades from now – it could have the same warming effect as another 25 years of fossil fuel emissions at current rates, which would mean more intense droughts, flooding and heat waves. By rebuilding sea ice, Field hopes her approach will also restore its ancient function as a planetary air-conditioner and help counteract the effects of global warming.

More at link.


Here's what you can do if you're panicking over Trump trying to steal the election

Raw Story
Sarah K. Burris
September 24, 2020

If you read The Atlantic report and heard President Donald Trump announced he’ll demand they “get rid of the ballots,” you might be nervous.


Former Assistant Attorney General for Counterterrorism Joshua Geltzer penned a thread with ideas for what folks can do right now if you’re starting to panic and look for your passports.

“First, Electoral College reps, Members of Congress, governors, & Defense Department leadership can pledge to abide by election results regardless of any single candidate’s claims otherwise,” he explained.

In some states, electors are legally required to comply with the state’s vote, but that isn’t true for all of them. Americans should demand that their state electors pledge to abide by the vote even if the president requests otherwise.


Much reassuring info at link.

We WILL kick their asses

Don't despair. Remember the BLUE WAVE of 2018?

People are exponentially more pissed than they were two years ago. And more determined than ever to boot out the bastard and his enablers.

"What? Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!...

It ain't over now, 'cause when the goin' gets tough, the tough get goin'."
John Belushi as Bluto Blutarsky, Animal House
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