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China has expressed some openness to providing military and financial aid to Russia, US cable sugges

Source: CNN

(CNN)The US has information suggesting China has expressed some openness to providing Russia with requested military and financial assistance as part of its war on Ukraine, a Western official and a US diplomat told CNN, and is conveying what it knows to its NATO allies.

It is not yet clear whether China intends to provide Russia with that assistance, US officials familiar with the intelligence tell CNN. But during an intense, seven-hour meeting in Rome, a top aide to President Joe Biden warned his Chinese counterpart of "potential implications and consequences" for China should support for Russia be forthcoming, a senior administration official said.

The series of events underscored the growing concern among American officials at the budding partnership between Moscow and Beijing as Biden works to isolate and punish Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. While officials have said the Chinese President was alarmed at what has taken place since Russia invaded, there is little to indicate China is prepared to cut off its support entirely.

That leaves open a troubling possibility for American officials -- that China may help prolong a bloody conflict that is increasingly killing civilians, while also cementing an authoritarian alliance in direct competition with the United States.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/14/politics/us-china-russia-ukraine/index.html

President Biden: "We will not fight the third world war in Ukraine."

"The idea that we're going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in, American pilots and American crews, just understand. Don't kid yourself, no matter what you all say, that's called World War Three, okay?"


Video of President Biden's statement included.

Vaccine Delivery Canceled to Country That Did Not Condemn Russia

One country's decision to abstain from condemning Russia has now cost it a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines.

On Wednesday, the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and demanding immediate withdrawal, with 141 out of the 193 members nations voting in favor of the resolution. Five nations voted against it, including Russia itself, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, and Eritrea. The remaining 35 countries abstained from the vote.

Among the abstaining members was the South Asian country of Bangladesh. As a result of that decision, Lithuania reversed a previous decision from earlier in the week to send over 440,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Bangladesh, according to a report from Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT). This was confirmed to LRT by a spokesperson for Lithuanian prime minister Ingrida Šimonytė.


Death toll surpasses 6 million for pandemic now in 3rd year

Source: Associated Press

BANGKOK (AP) — The official global death toll from COVID-19 eclipsed 6 million on Monday — underscoring that the pandemic, now entering its third year, is far from over.

The milestone, recorded by Johns Hopkins University, is the latest tragic reminder of the unrelenting nature of the pandemic even as people are shedding masks, travel is resuming and businesses are reopening around the globe.

Remote Pacific islands, whose isolation had protected them for more than two years, are just now grappling with their first outbreaks and deaths, fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant.

Hong Kong, which is seeing deaths soar, is testing its entire population of 7.5 million three times this month as it clings to mainland China’s “zero-COVID” strategy.

As death rates remain high in Poland, Hungary, Romania and other Eastern European countries, the region has seen more than 1.5 million refugees arrive from war-torn Ukraine, a country with poor vaccination coverage and high rates of cases and deaths.

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-science-business-health-lifestyle-9cd511bc84955131ba00846716e02647

Even mild Covid is linked to brain damage, scans show

Source: NBC News

During at least the first few months following a coronavirus infection, even mild cases of Covid-19 are associated with subtle tissue damage and accelerated losses in brain regions tied to the sense of smell, as well as a small loss in the brain’s overall volume, a new British study finds. Having mild Covid is also associated with a cognitive function deficit.

These are the striking findings of the new study led by University of Oxford investigators, one that leading Covid researchers consider particularly important because it is the first study of the disease’s potential impact on the brain that is based on brain scans taken both before and after participants contracted the coronavirus.

“This study design overcomes some of the major limitations of most brain-related studies of Covid-19 to date, which rely on analysis and interpretation at a single time point in people who had Covid-19,” said Dr. Serena S. Spudich, a neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine, who was not involved in the research.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/long-covid-even-mild-covid-linked-damage-brain-months-infection-rcna18959

Kherson has fallen to the Russians

Russia claims control of Kherson, the first major Ukrainian city to fall, with peace talks set to resume

The coastal city of Kherson in Ukraine's south has reportedly become the first major city in the country to be taken over by Russian forces.

It comes as an aid to Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters the Ukrainians were expected imminently to arrive in Belarus to resume talks on Thursday.

He said they agreed to meet in the Brest region of Belarus, which borders Poland.

Kherson's mayor, Igor Kolykhayev, told Reuters that Russian troops were in the streets and had forced their way into the city council building.


Fake Donation Sites Are Surfacing Amid Ukraine Crisis, Experts Warn

Scammers are using the crisis in Ukraine as a way to swindle altruistic people who are looking to provide financial assistance to those in need.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine last week, the number of fake donation websites has steadily increased, according to WSB-TV, as scammers are hoping to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of would-be donors to enrich themselves.

WeLiveSecurity.com pointed out several domains that are trying to prey upon donors, such as help-for-ukraine.eu, tokenukraine.com, supportukraine.today, and ukrainesolidarity.org to name a few.


Meanwhile, BBB's Wise Giving Alliance has a list of approved and legitimate charities available on its website, as well as evaluative reports on charities.
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