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Member since: Thu Jul 23, 2020, 11:02 AM
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California should pass a "vigilante" anti-gun law

Roe vs. Wade is the right-wing's Constitutional obstacle; the closest equivalent I can find on the left is liability for gun violence. If California passes a law in the same template as Texas, except targeting those who "aid and abet" gun-wielding murderers, it will put the Supreme Court under a lot more pressure, or at least make the hypocrisy more blatant.

My poor son :'(

He's too young for vaccine yet and already lost two days of baseball camp (he'd been looking forward to all summer) to wildfire smoke. Just had his first day yesterday, then this morning we get the notice from his daycare: another child in his group tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Now he has 14 days of quarantine, and he has to miss the rest. The reason he was at daycare? Mental health: he only got in-person classes for the last 5 weeks of the school year (and only 2 days per week at that) and on psychological ​advice we wanted to get him into physical proximity with other kids through the summer. The kids do wear masks indoors, and it seems to me that the daycare takes all available precautions, but we're losers in the numbers game now.

I'm feeling awful, vasillating between blaming myself for not keeping him home and rage at being so unable to help my child. (My wife and I both vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.) I am in tears for the danger he's in now and the isolation he'll feel over the next two weeks, danger that exists mainly because my wife and I were trying to address other danger we couldn't prevent.

In my fantasy the House managers said...

"The evidence of this crime is so clear it leaves only one question to be answered by your vote on conviction: do both parties believe in the supremacy of law in our country? Because if one party does not, the other party cannot afford to."

We need to call the events of 1/6/21 "Trump's Insurrection"

Whether the appropriate authorities can hold Trump liable, both in impeachment and in the courts, the insurrection riot was absolutely and unquestionably only intended for his benefit. Framing this issue will also help summon the political support necessary to conviction of Impeachment. We should put this event in the same category as Bacon's Rebellion and Shay's Rebellion.

About these pro-forma Senate sessions

McConnell has said that the first opportunity to move on Articles of Impeachment would be Jan. 19th because the Senate is adjourned but for pro-forma sessions. Pro-forma sessions have been a thorn in the side of Presidents since Bush 43 (under Harry Reid), but I wonder if there is any way for Democrats to either force a pro-forma session to become a normal session that could move on the Articles of Impeachment, or at least force a large number of Republicans to vote against the motion?

We need a new House rule

A rule that, in any case where a violent insurrection (or riot) occurs on the grounds of the US Capitol, the Speaker -- within 72 hours of the restoration of order in the Capitol building -- may make a privileged motion to bring a Bill of Impeachment against the President to the floor for vote immediately, citing failure to adequately secure the US Capitol grounds and, if applicable, incitement to riot or sedition.

This might encourage willful presidents to ensure the proper security of the Capitol building, but it would at least grease the wheels of the impeachmentprocess in this narrow case.

The one non-prosecution of Trump deal I'd grudgingly support

If McConnell and Paul of Kentucky, Miller and Moran of Kansas, Collins of Maine, and Toomey of Pennsylvania all step down after the new Congress starts, then I'd support Biden's admin in fulfilling a non-prosecution agreement for Trump. But the offer has to be made soon, so the Republicans can turn on each other over support for Trump vs. support for keeping the Senate.

Note that these are all Republican US senators in states with Democratic governors who have full discretion over appointing a replacement.

Happy to be official (again)

Hello DUers,

I used to be "Lefty Thinker," but the 2016 security incident left me with cold feet. Since then I've mostly been lurking, but I couldn't stay away from the Democratic Underground community so I'm back with a new name after losing access to the email account under which my previous was registered. I still hold the same heterodox economic theories, but I've since started to pick up Mandarin Chinese -- for fun!

Living in a slightly purplish blue dot in a red sea, I really need the outlet of DU sometimes, and I so value the connectedness and sharp-sightedness of some of our fellow members. I'm glad to be actively back!

(edited for grammar)
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