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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 522

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Rethuglikon deregulation brought that building down.

159 are still missing.

This is 100% due to deregulation and lax building enforcemennt.

Global warming denialists are the same as flat earthers/moon landing denialists.

8th grade science flunk-outs and that's the latest science education for these folks.

Elected Democrats, start calling out the science denialist RethugliKlans as the science flunk-outs that they are.

Mock them.

FDR Fucking Dunking on Republicans..

The Pro Act = Employee Free Choice Act 2.0

Once again, Progress Joe shocks me into line.

But, I've stopped questioning Joe Biden quite quickly. He isn't some Johnny come quickly.

He's molded his career from a lifetime of public servitude.

Our president has built a political career from learning every aspect and nuance of the US Senate. He knows what can pass the senate into law and which bills will whither and die.

Biden is a true progressive in his heart. I've seen too much good from Joe to think anything else. He is the most progressive political leader that I've seen in my lifetime. FDR-like.

Fight for Joe. We'll all benefit.

Let's act like 2022 is a fight for our lives because it is.

Let's elect a congress worthy of Joe because it will benefit all of us.

Biden has a progressive heart of gold and his policies show that.


Fight for Joe. Fight for progress.

No more whimpering.

Those who enable racist legislative policy become racists themselves..

Is Manchin racist? I'm unsure. Deep down, I don't think so but I could be very wrong on that.

I think he is corrupt. With recent revelations about him being the recipient of large political donations that Manchin received from the US Chamber of Capitalism/Commerce.

Follow the money.

Money can corrupt an otherwise good heart into that of a bigot.

Sen Manchin, do you understand the path you're walking down?

Accepting donations from the Fascist USCOC is unacceptable, as a Democrat.

Sen Manchin, you have some explaining to do.

Putin the Poisoner

Ever wonder, where are the calls to arrest and prosecute Putin for poisoning his political opponent, Navalny?

The global silence is deafening.

Bring Putin to justice.

Oh Lord, protect me(us) from your fundie followers..

Protect us from those who invade women's bodies with their bullshit so-called "pro-life" rhetoric.

Protect us from any and all racism, especially those who use their religion as a racist weapon.

Protect us from homophobic bigots. I am a 50 year old gay man diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago. I am very healthy but have also survived 2 pandemics. HIV and COVID. I had covid in March 2020. I lost 25% of my breathing function. Likely permanently. I lost half of my sense of taste and smell.

Protect us from your covidiot fundie anti-vax deniers.

Protect us from your anti-science fundamentalist idiots. Jesus, you know the folks. The morons that flunked out of 8th grade science. Their last venture into scientific education.

Protect us from your Fascist followers.

Protect us from banksters and the capitalists that grow the wealth divide and widen the poverty gap.

Protect us from the racists who weaken democracy with voter restriction bills AND from the DINO's that enable them.

Help us, Oh Lord.

Your people are suffering.

- an atheist's prayer

This is the first time that I have prayed in 35 years.
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