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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

I'm a gay dood, Josh Dugarrs is among the most disgusting slimeballs in human history..

Fully indoctrinated by his slimeball parents, Jim Bob and Michelle are Christian homophobic bigots..

His family's church is equally to blame..

A few of the Duggars children have walked away from the family cult-like religion with anti-feminist and anti-gay bigotry being cited as a cause for their awakening..
(PARENTS)Jim Bob and Michelle..
built their following using gay people as their "cross" to propagandize hatred. Fuel vs the fire to propagate their growing fight AGAINST gay rights.

Do gay people have the track record of Josh Duggars? Do we(gays) really "rape" children, like Josh Duggars?

Do we trade child porn like Josh Duggars? There may be some gay criminals but did they ever take a moral high ground?

Does our(gay folks) religion encourage the rape of children the way Jim Bob and Michelle's Christian religion encouraged Josh?

Get'em while they're young, is the mode. The operating strategy of these sick fucks.

On my best day, I couldn't be as sick as a fuck as the Duggars family.

To think, I can't marry my gay partner because of the belief system propagated by Josh Duggars.

Fuck his religion and everything it stands for.

Is it time for child services to investigate Jim Bob and Michelle? WTF are they teaching their children?

Make an example.

As a gay "dood", Josh Duggars scares me.

His brainwashing comes from his parents and their cult-like religion.

edit: The word "dood" is an intentional mis-spelling/slang of the word dude among the gay community..

Aaron Rodgers tells Packers he doesn't want to return, per report

Source: USA Today

The tension between the Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers might have hit a new level.

Rodgers has told multiple members of the organization that he does not want to return to the team, ESPN reported Thursday.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst was insistent in his pre-draft news conference that the team was committed to the reigning NFL MVP.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/aaron-rodgers-tells-packers-he-doesnt-want-to-return-per-report/ar-BB1gc0bJ?li=BBnb7Kz

A large meteor just hit the world of sports.

I wouldn't normally post a sports related story on the LBN forum and this will likely be the only time that I do.

But this is Aaron Rodgers that we're talking about. A legend, a future hall of famer...

His career speaks for itself. As a Vikings fan, my jaw is currently on the floor. Any other NFC North fans here? Bears Lions Vikings, what are your thoughts?

Also for any NFL fan, regardless who you cheer for, what are your thoughts?

Is your jaw on the floor right now?

Yes, I'm over-sensationalizing this but, damn...

Pardoning Nixon unleashed a crimewave among Rethug Presidents Ray-gun, Bush, and Trump.

Ford's pardon of Nixon enabled an above-the-law attitude that still resonates today.

Imagine if Nixon had been prosecuted and imprisoned, how much differently presidents would conduct themselves in office today.

Bush's Iraq war crimes. (would Bush have committed these war crimes if he feared prosecution? doubtful)

Putin and Trump colluding to pull off a modern day Watergate.

Trump's call for sedition.

Indict. Prosecute. Imprison.

So that the cycle of criminal wrong-doing stops when they are frogmarched into a cell and those bars slam home.

Their criminality withers when the fear of prosecution exists.

(And BTW, Garland is one smart cookie. To indict Trump, start with his henchmen, Ghouliani. Build a case from the inner circle that will lead directly to Trump.)

Give US AG Garland time to build his case. Stay patient. Indictments are coming.

Another salute to President Biden for a great choice, Merrick Garland-US Attorney General.

Prosecute Trump so that we halt presidential criminality in the future.

Simple concept. Effective results.

I'm in a mood to issue challenges today.. next up, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I'd like to see someone in the House issue a formal challenge to MTG.

MTG is a family-values, Christain Republican and a total anti-gay homophobic bigot.

Take a polygraph that simply asks,

Have you ever cheated on your husband?

Is it true that you cheated with "polyamorous tantric-sex guru" Craig Ivey?

Is it true that you cheated with multiple other men from the gym that you co-founded?

A polygraph could help exonerate you. Or it could expose you as another lying GOP hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do.

But I'm guessing the results of a polygraph...

I'll answer that in one word..

Regarding MTG


Here's why challenging voters to vote is a winning strategy for Dems. It serves two major purposes.

It will embarrass the GOP, nationwide. Imagine if our party ran ads on social media(youtube etc), TV, and radio that condemn the Republican Party's efforts to threaten your right to vote.

Regarding the GOP's anti-voting efforts..
This is a fascist, authoritarian power grab. In every way, Republicans are willfully attempting to undermine your right to vote.

Say that in your ads. Expose them for the authoritarian power-mongers that they are.

They are the anti-freedom party. Their attempts to limit democracy are a blatant example of modern day fascism.

Expose the GOP's power grab. Take your case to the people.

U.S. citizens don't really like power-grabbing politicians. Embarrassing the GOP can bring a ton of swing-voter support our way and engage Dem voters to turn out and vote by lighting a fire under their asses to do so.

If someone told me I can't vote, I'd run through a fucking brick wall to try prove them wrong.

Challenging voters will engage them. Speak the truth. The GOP is trying to take your right to vote away.

Are you going to allow Republicans to prevent you from voting?

Voters will turn out if challenged.

Democrats, take the gloves off and swing back. Nail their party to the wall by exposing them for what they are.

In your ads,
call them authoritarian

call them Fascist

call them power-mongering

Ask voters nationally,
Are you going to allow the Fascist Republican Party to prevent you from voting?

Expose the GOP as the national embarrassment that they are.

Democrats, challenge voters. Ask them, Will you allow the GOP to prevent you from voting?

Take your case to the people. And trust me, you have a bonafide argument.

I'd like to see Democrats run social media(youtube etc), TV, and radio ads asking that question.

Will you allow the Republican Party to prevent you from voting?

The GOTV response will be amazing, fellow Dems.

I f-ing guarantee it.

Global warming hastens microbial evolution. Get ready for more pandemics.

Science has proven many facts. Among them, the smaller the organism, the faster it can evolve to adapt to its surroundings.

In the past 25 years we've seen new pandemics explode..





Global warming is hastening the rate of evolution of these microbes.

New diseases just don't pop up out of nowhere.

The scariest part of global warming isn't rising oceans or weather events.

It's the proven fact that modern pandemics are directly traced to global warming and these new "bugs" that are growing from their free energy source.


Biden is the next FDR.

I'm 50 years old. I've been actively engaged in Democratic Party politics since 1992.

The only Republicon that I ever voted for was in 1990. I immediately saw the error of that choice because the fucker cut state spending on college assistance. Arnie Carlson Rethug gov of Minnesota. He tried to undo Minnesota's high quality of life by undoing our states progressive policies such as high standards of public education, health care, social programs that work etc.

Since that folly in 1990, I have moved far to the left. Today, I consider myself quite far left. Just to give an idea of where I come from on a political scale. IOW I'm an old crotchety left-wing yellow-dog. Kinda scary to look at, but get to know me....

I support left-wing causes because they invoke compassion for our fellow human beings.

I support..
Universal Health Care

A $17 federal minimum living wage

Employee Free Choice Act

Major federal police reforms

Banking regulation

Carbon emission regulation

Environmental protection

Taxation for the super-rich and a taxation on accumulated super-wealth

Balancing our budgets(once we recover from the pandemic)

Cleaner, sustainable energy solutions

A New Deal-like infrastructure rebuilding program

There are so many more progressive topics that I could rant about all day but these are just a few to give an idea of where I come from.

President Joe Biden is fighting for much of what is mentioned above. He's fighting for a $15 minimum wage, albeit implemented slowly, still a major step in the right direction. He's calling for a New Deal-like infrastructure program. He's calling for price-controls on prescription drugs, so very needed. He has a great plan for environmental protection and carbon reduction. His plan to tax the super-rich needs to happen.

In 3 months, Pres Biden has already written an incredible progressive legacy. On par with FDR.

(Fun Fact: The New Deal took several years to implement fully. The New Deal 2 was signed into law by FDR several years after the New deal.)

IOW, give Biden time to heal this nation and the mess left by Trump.

He's the most progressive political leader of my 50 year old lifetime.

In closing, I'm not ranting this OP at fellow DUers, I get it, we're all Biden fans. Just want to chat about my very favorable view of my beloved Pres, Joe.

He's doing a great job in spite of the shit-show he was handed by Trump.

"And the population of Puerto Rico is bigger than 6 of these states COMBINED." PR needs statehood.

In regards to this OP I posted..

It's probably bad form and/or a DU rules violation to call out fellow DUers in a post in a negative way, but this is to say thanks. A positive shout-out!

A wise DUer by the name of Mackdaddy called out the fact that I left out PR when calling for DC statehood. Mackdaddy is right!.

His reply..

"And the population of Puerto Rico is bigger than 6 of these states COMBINED.

With a population of about 3.2 million it is bigger than any of these states listed by several times.

But no real representation for all of these US Citizens?"

So very true.

The point, PR and DC need statehood. Anything less is a violation of the human rights of all of their citizens.

Washington DC's population is larger than the state of Wyoming.

DC 705,000

Wyoming 578,000

Let that sink in for a moment.

DC needs statehood.
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