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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

"I'm On The Highway To Hell" by ACDC is weirdly stuck in my head today...

I once saw a bumper sticker that read..

"The highway to Hell is paved with Republicans."

Texas GOP deregulated itself into blackouts and power failure. Utility companies went cheap..

To increase profits, Texas power companies went cheap after their state GOP dominated legislative bodies no longer required regulations that planned for future stresses to the power grid.

A weak power grid is prone to any stress, like a cold spell.

GOP deregulation kills.

Texas GOP are murderers.

(Texas utility companies tend to be huge GOP donors)

Should Dems investigate the Texas GOP for these treasonous acts?

So the billowing clouds of second and third hand smoke were bad after all..

Rush was well-known for his cigar habit and would often gloat about how second and sometimes third hand smoke wasn't bad for a person as he sat in his radio studio during his hate-casts.

Ive seen some vids on the subject and yes the whole room was filled with smoke.

All the while he was spewing hatred that anti-smoking efforts were a liberal conspiracy to take away our freedoms and according to him, there's nothing wrong with breathing smoke.

Then he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the rest is history.

Rush was wrong about everything he spewed from his forked tongue mouth.

This wrong opinion cost him his life.

Yes, it's time to call on the DOJ to appoint an army of special prosecutors..

Pepperoni pizza tastes great.

Bears shit in the woods.

Water is wet.

Trump and his cabal need to be investigated, indicted and prosecuted. RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.

Failing to do so is like taking a crap on the face of the notion of rule of law.

"Big Govt" is GOP codeword for big democracy. How your vote levels the playing field and RW hates it

When Reich-wingers talk about their hatred for big govt, what they really mean is their hatred for high turnout voting. They hate the fact that voting can and does level the playing field.

Our votes can undo their grip on power.

Look at the GOP's assault on our right and ability to cast our ballots in the past 40 years and you'll see their relentless attacks on making it more difficult to cast a ballot.

Look at Trump's recent assault on democracy. He loathed the mail-in ballot with orange-faced hatred.

To right-wing fascist conservatives, voting is the "big govt" that they fear.

They don't fear big police states.

They don't fear big prisons.

They don't fear blank check deficit spending on the military.

They don't fear capital punishment and executions.

They don't fear big govt invading a woman's right to choose or her choice to use BC.

They don't fear making gay people just disappear.

But they do fear your right to vote.

Your right to vote IS the "big govt" that they fear.

Your right to vote levels the playing field and the GOP, Qanon, MTG, and every Trumpist hates you for it.

On a level playing field where almost everyone votes, should govt of the people ever be feared?

Yet that scares the shit out of almost every GOPer.

Vote and level the playing field. And scare the shit out of the GOP as a bonus.

Hate the vote? Go broke!

I'm sure most of us have seen the right wing meme across social media platform Youtube, FB etc..

"Get woke, go broke"

That meme has very racist undertones. Every content creator that regurgitates that also seems to hate democracy.

I think our sides perfect answer..

Hate the vote? Go broke.

Ask Lou Dobbs.

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