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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 542

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Playing nice gets us the Mcauliffe treatment. In other words, we lose elections.

Name the last Democrat..

during campaign season..

To call out their GOP opponent for wanting to ban birth control pills, choice, and almost all family planning?

Ever heard a Democrat call out a GOP election opponent for wanting to ban the Pill? I never have.

Why is that?

Why do Democrats never call out the freedom-robbing Authoritarian policies of their GOP opponents?

Low voter turn out is a Dem Party killer. It causes us more electoral loss than anything else.

Rally our voters by jolting them. Nothing else works.

Call out GOP fascist authoritarian extremism..

Banning birth control and choice.

Denial of science by those who flunked out of science class.

Rejection of science from vaccines, global warming, evolution. Again, by people who flunked out of basic science in high school.

Call out the GOP's rejection to a living wage and their war on workers rights.

Call out the GOPs war to kill the 40 hour work week and overtime protections.

Call out your GOP opponents protection of big pharma profits over peoples lives.

People hate big pharma. The fruit is ripe for the picking.

Grow a fucking pair, Democrats. Ovaries or balls. Grow a god damn spine.

Rally your troops by calling out the authoritarian vibes sent out by your GOP opponent or get ready for a sad Nov 22 with Democrats giving concession speeches.

We still control our future.
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