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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

A message that I'd like to see in Democratic campaign ads..

To nearly every voter..

Donald Trump is trying to prevent you from voting.

Are you going to sit on your ass and let Trump keep you from voting?

Are you going to let Trump defeat you into not participating in our democracy?

Vote as if your right to vote depends on it, because it fucking does.

(yes, this all can be worded much better than my crotchety old ass can come up with but I think I've made the point..)


My personal flair..

Voting is your middle finger to Trump. (although, getting that part on TV might prove difficult )

To the anti-mask/covid-denying idiots that compare the pandemic to the flu..

and nearly every one of them lean right or are Trump supporters.

As of Today..
Covid-19 has killed 152,000 people in the US alone.

We are 5 months into this pandemic.

In recent years, the flu has killed 30,000-40,000 people per year in the US.

The US is on pace to see 375,000 - 400,000 deaths from Covid-19 this year.

Covid-19 is 8-10 times deadlier than the flu.

I've had Covid-19. My symptoms started March 22 and lasted until Apr 4. My worst symptoms were lung pain and very restricted breathing. I went into fully isolated quarantine for 37 days. 14 days after my symptoms cleared, I tested negative with a nasal swab test from a local health dept testing facility. I drove my car inside of this large city garage that was set up as a testing site. The nurses were dressed in full PPE and administered the swab through my car window.

I recovered but my lungs are scarred. My breathing capacity is less than 75% of what it was before my Covid illness.

My scarred lungs may never return to normal. My breathing is still restricted and may stay that way for the rest of my life. Medical professionals are unsure if lungs scarred by Covid will return to normal in the patients that have restricted breathing as a result of their illness.

Many who are symptomatic with Covid will experience the problem of restricted breathing after they recover from the illness. That problem can last a lifetime, we simply don't know if our lungs will ever fully heal.

The lungs of many of these patients are scarred to the point of being totally disabling.

Covid-19 is creating disability in many of those who showed symptoms ranging from mild to those who needed respirators.

To the idiots that attempt to downplay Covid-19's serious nature by calling it flu-like or comparing the pandemic to the flu..

Does the flu create disability compared to Covid-19?

Has the flu ever created a whole wave of people that may be disabled for life and will need disability assistance?

Trump has tried to compare the flu to Covid in the past. Many of his followers co-opt that lie.

Democrats need to campaign against Trump and the entire GOP on these issues.

Call them out with simple facts and stats. I'll close this rant with said stats..

Covid kills 8-10 times more people in the US than the flu.

Covid is creating an entire huge group of people who have been disabled from Covid.

The false narrative that Covid isn't serious is a major contributing factor in the recent Covid explosion in new cases.

Is the flu killing a 1000 people a day in the US? Covid is.

Your Democratic Party hero..


Paul Wellstone.
He introduced me to the ideals of progressive thinking.

Heaven turned to gold when Paul arrived.

He taught us to be compassionate.

Paul, I still think about your fighting spirit everyday.

Young DU'ers, treat yourself to the experience of learning about a real progressive fighter. Paul Wellstone.

Nothing else needs to be said.

Trump is the most fiscally reckless idiot in the history of human democracy.

2020's federal budget deficit is already pushing close to 3 Trillion dollars, as of the end of June. By the end of the fiscal year it will close in on 4 Trillion. FOR 1 YEAR.

Trump's fiscal irresponsibility has shattered previous annual deficits set by Chimpy Bush in FY's '07, 08, 09. Remember, the '09 budget was signed into law Oct 2008. Chimpy's final year in office when the deficit hit 1.7 Trillion for that year.

President Obama brought the deficit down to 250 billion his second to last year in office and 400B his final year.
Or as I like to call it, responsible fiscal stewardship by a very wise elected official. Again, props to my man Pres Obama.

Trump is the polar opposite. His tax cuts for the wealthy are dooming our nation's future.

This subject among many other subjects regarding Agolf Shitler proves..

Donald Trump is the worst elected official in the history of human democracy and THERE AIN'T A CLOSE SECOND.

A valuable lesson taught to me by former Pres Obama..

The 50 state strategy..

Consider every state winnable. Campaign hard in every state. Yes, I understand we won't win some ultra-con states but why not whip up the hornets nest in those super-red states anyway?

Let the elections run their course and see what we could've done better to win each state that we lose.

On to Texas and Georgia..

Both are formerly quite red..

Today, both are deep purple..

If Dems win Texas, say goodbye to GOP prospects (almost)forever. GOP'ers cannot win the presidency without Texas or Ga..

Dems winning Texas or Ga is like rubbing salt in the eyes of the GOP.

To Joe,

lean on Obama, learn from his brilliant 2008 campaign strategy.

Emulate it. We, the voters will do the rest.

Act like ALL 50 states are in play.

As a result, we'll also turnout for down-ballot Dems. Senators, Reps, State Dems and Govs, county commissioners, water boards etc..
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