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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 542

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Time for a Pro-Dem pac to be formed to run ads during NFL games that call for Trump to concede?

Not just NFL games but also on popular shows like "Masked Singer" and on various social media platforms like youtube etc.

With a common theme, directed at the orange felon..

Concede and stop your voter tampering efforts to invalidate voters legally cast ballots.

Let's make a national embarrassment out of Trump, something he unwittingly strives for already. Let's cement his legacy as the orange embarrassment, a reputation that will live on in infamy and will echo for eternity.

Regarding Trump's voter-tampering and efforts to invalidate votes, his continued lawsuits and refusal to concede are national security threats.

Democrats, it's time to take the gloves off. Trump is giving us no other choice.

The perfect response to Trump running in 2024..

Via the incoming attorney general..

Appoint any army of special prosecutors, each tasked with investigating and prosecuting the multiple crimes of the Trump family, and the GOP cover-up.

An AG appointed SP will lay bare the many Trump felonies.

It's as simple as that.


A self-pardon IS an admission of guilt.

Did senate GOPers aid and abet Putin by blocking witnesses?

Did their treasonous actions warrant a special prosecutor by the incoming AG to investigate potential said crimes?

I'm thankful..

that our democracy cured the orange fever that has plagued our democracy for the past 4 years.

Voting is more important than ever.

Joe and Kamala are a breath of fresh air, even to my covid scarred lungs.

If then-AG Janet Reno did appoint a special prosecutor to investigate a real estate transaction..

that only turned up an infamous stain on a woman's dress..

Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's witch-hunt of the Clinton's Whitewater real estate investments turned up nothing, no criminal wrong doing of any kind.

Not to be defeated, Starr pressed on. Thus, we were "graced" with the stain heard round-the-world. Again, not even that stain could raise Bubba to the thresh-hold of any criminal prosecution or the failed, laughable attempt to impeach.

Funny how Rethugs wanted witnesses for a stain on a woman's dress but not for an orange felon who aided and abetted with Putin to interfere with our democracy.

My point
If Janet Reno can appoint an SP for Whitewater which led to investigating Bubba's stain on Monica's dress...

Imagine the army of special prosecutors that will have to be appointed to investigate the orange felon and his numerous crimes against our nation and against our democracy, by the next Attorney General.

Trump is the most corrupt elected(illegitimate) official in the history of human democracy. Nixon pales in comparison.

Again, if Janet Reno appointed an SP to investigate a fucking c*m stain, then the next AG must appoint an army of prosecutors to investigate the attempted overthrowing of our fucking right to vote. And the numerous other felonies committed by Don the con and his family.

Simply put, this must happen or just toss out rule of law, fuck it.

Are we rule of law or not?

I vote for rule of law.

I'd like to see protesters peacefully assemble at the wall of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

and chant, "Fuck you Donald Trump, fuck you."


Until Jan 20. I'd join that.

Trump will have the RUNS in 2024..

nothing more..

As he stands on his tippy-toes chained to a corner, looking out the tiny 8"x 8" window from his padded cell, his straight-jacket restraining him.

Will it be a fart, or will it fill his diaper?

Yes, I know this is gross but it's a Saturday night..

Do baseless, absurd lawsuits ever warrant contempt of court?

Part of being a political nerd is that I follow court cases and decisions closely. So do many here on DU. Federal courts, USSC, state SC's etc.

These decisions affect our lives and our country.

Judges are granted incredible powers by the constitution. When one walks into a court of law it's no joke. Judges don't like having their time wasted by bullshit, baseless legal arguments. Noone likes to have their time wasted.

Trump is repeatedly filing baseless, bogus, absurd lawsuits because he got land-slided on Nov 3.

Biden handed Trump his bloated orange ass. Trump's response, to sue himself into infamy by becoming the worst sore loserman in the history of human democracy.

Trump's laughable court cases have presented ZERO evidence of any wrong-doing.

I'm no legal expert. I'm asking this because DU has many members that know a hell of a lot more about legal issues than I could ever hope to.

Using a court of law to attempt to argue a totally baseless lawsuit is an attempt to disrespect the court. When a person disrespects a judge, they wander into the territory of contempt of court.

Repeatedly filing baseless lawsuits may cross that thresh-hold.

So I had to ask fellow DUers, is it time for a judge to issue contempt of court charges? Has Trump's actions warranted COC?


Let's name the disease after the orange fuhrer, not the vaccine.

Biden is the cure.
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