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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 523

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

It'd be great to see Pres Biden push for a tree planting initiative to combat carbon.

Not only would it help reduce carbon levels but it could also be part of a jobs programs that hires people to plant trees.

Trees alone won't fix the carbon problem but they will help reduce carbon levels and need to be part of a plan to combat carbon pollution. To tackle global warming we will need to employ every weapon in our arsenal or this planet will bake itself to death.

Another mammoth weapon in the fight to reduce carbon levels. Hemp and cannabis. Both are ferocious carbon consuming plants. They grow from seed to the size of a large Christmas tree in about 3 months.

In fact, hemp and weed are likely the fastest growing plants on Earth. They consume more carbon than almost any other plant species due to that incredible growth.

Trees, hemp, and cannabis need to be part of our strategy to combat C02.

President Biden is the perfect leader to make it happen!

Rethugs are rigging the vote at the state level.

Why don't democrats accuse them of such acts when they are clearly working to rig elections at the state level?

I get it. Our party shouldn't have to stoop to their level but they are engaging in electoral rigging.

Dems, don't be afraid to call them out for election rigging with their racist district gerrymandering.

Dems, sick of threats to our elected officials? Then its time to do something about it.

We need much tougher laws that will protect our elected office-holders from the threats brought on by the Marjorie-Traitor-Greene type Trump supporting MAGAts.

Push for laws that protect our elected officials from the numerous threats brought on by right wing nut cases like Marjorie Traitor Greene and her Fascist Republican cabal.

Hardcore LONG prison sentences are the ONLY solution.

Lock them up.

Democrats, push to expel the racist Marjoire Traitor Greene from congress...

Need I add to the argument? I will make the case if needed but I think you all know where I come from.

Point blank.

Fuck her and everything she stands for.

Make it a federal crime for states to oppress minority voting.

What we need is a federal regulatory body that will provide oversight to ALL 50 states that will step in when any state tries to legislate minority votes out of existence.

It should be a civil right violation when a state passes a law aimed at suppressing minority voting. Or really, any voting.

Anyone that champions making voting more difficult needs a long prison sentence or permanent expulsion from this great land.

Support democracy or GTFO.

Tax speculation to death. Fuck the Fascist futures market.

Do you appreciate 60% inflation to food, gasoline, heating fuels? Likely, Fuck No.

Then call on politicians to tax the speculation markets that inflate the cost of living for us.

Speculation taxes us with inflated commodities.

Kill that scam by taxing commodities futures trading, the biggest scam of free market capitalism.

Futures trading is the backbone of Fascist economic policy. It is Republicanism defined.

Democrats, end this scam. End the tax on all of us by killing the commodities trading markets.

Tax commodities trading to death.

On a planet covered with 75% water, global warming is our #1 threat.

Warming water evaporates much faster than cool waters, sending plumes of water vapor into the atmosphere.

Water vapor fuels storms. Take your average Tuesday rain and add water vapor and suddenly it increases the Newtons, the power behind a storm.

Water vapor can turn a minor rain storm into a tornado or worse.

Water vapor is our enemy. It has the power to change the face of our planet. It can make our planet unlivable.

Global warming hastens more water vapor into our atmosphere than any other cause.

Increased humidity also hastens the evolution of microbial life. So does warmth.

Water vapor and microbes will be our downfall.

Warming temps also acidify our oceans. Acidic oceans kill the life that lives in them. Our oceans are the lungs of our planet. They convert more Co2 to oxygen than any other force. Dead oceans do not make oxygen. Instead, they ferment methane, another deadly greenhouse gas.

Democrats, start calling global warming denialist GOPers idiots.

Call them out for their idiocy in your campaign ads. Any GOPer that denys global warming is an idiot unfit for office.

Call them that.

Trump is an idiot that denied the proven science of man-made global warming.

So is about 98% of the GOP.

Call out the science flunk-outs that make up the GOP by calling them idiots in your campaign ads.

Sore loser terrorists like Trump aren't welcome at Biden's inauguration.

Let's spread the word across the internets and send Agent Orange packing in shame.

How much responsibilty does RW pro-Trump media bear in their repeated calls to "fight" before riots?

Did Fox, Newsmax, OAN break the law when they repeatedly called for Trumpsters to "fight" in the run-up to the violent insurrection at the US Capitol?

Trump also used the word "fight" several times at his rally before the seditious insurrection took place. Trump goaded them on to commit a violent uprising that likely violated federal law regarding seditious conspiracy.

Did RW media break the law by calling on people to "fight" for Trump in the moments before the insurrection?

How much responsibility do they bear?

here's a short CNN clip that delves into the topic. Forgive me for the weird link, I'm kinda new at posting video links..


This is the word pro-Trump media kept repeating ahead of riot

CNN's Brian Stelter examines the coverage by pro-Trump media like Fox News, Newsmax and OAN and the part it played leading up to the riot that breached the US Capitol.

In closing, the first amendment does not protect speech that calls for acts of violence against our country.

Should the DOJ and incoming AG investigate RW media and possibly charge them if criminal wrong-doing is found?

Should Democrats approach Sen Murkowski and lobby her to switch to our party?

Buried underneath all the GOP bullshit is a conflicted person that is struggling with her GOP party's toxic culture vs her own ability to be reasonable.

In other words, her ability to be reasonable is starting to outshine her ideology. She sees the venom that Trump represents and detests what it has done to our country.

That makes her reasonable enough to be a Democrat.

People can change and that is something that we as Dems must never forget. It's our job to change hearts and minds with simple, basic facts.

I hope in the coming days that Dem leadership will sit down with Sen Murkowski and lobby directly to her inner good because there is good hidden in her somewhere.

Sen Murkowski, its not too late to save your soul. C'mon over to the side of good hearted people. You wont regret it.

Being reasonable might just be the best way that anyone can serve their country.

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