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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 523

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Putin the Poisoner

Ever wonder, where are the calls to arrest and prosecute Putin for poisoning his political opponent, Navalny?

The global silence is deafening.

Bring Putin to justice.

Oh Lord, protect me(us) from your fundie followers..

Protect us from those who invade women's bodies with their bullshit so-called "pro-life" rhetoric.

Protect us from any and all racism, especially those who use their religion as a racist weapon.

Protect us from homophobic bigots. I am a 50 year old gay man diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago. I am very healthy but have also survived 2 pandemics. HIV and COVID. I had covid in March 2020. I lost 25% of my breathing function. Likely permanently. I lost half of my sense of taste and smell.

Protect us from your covidiot fundie anti-vax deniers.

Protect us from your anti-science fundamentalist idiots. Jesus, you know the folks. The morons that flunked out of 8th grade science. Their last venture into scientific education.

Protect us from your Fascist followers.

Protect us from banksters and the capitalists that grow the wealth divide and widen the poverty gap.

Protect us from the racists who weaken democracy with voter restriction bills AND from the DINO's that enable them.

Help us, Oh Lord.

Your people are suffering.

- an atheist's prayer

This is the first time that I have prayed in 35 years.

Call out Sen McConnell for covering up the crimes of 1/6.

Is it true?

The cover-up is almost always worse than the crime?

Those who silence investigations admit their own guilt.

Clandestine, let's re-examine that word.

Notice how Rethugs love their official secretive meetings.

Notice how everything bad is stonewalled by them. Any investigation into Trump, Putin, etc.

If they only knew, innocence will exonerate them. If they were truly innocent.

Investigations can and will set the innocent free.

Then, why does Trump fear investigations?

Why does the GOP fear a 1/6 investigation?

If liberal antifa members caused 1/6, the GOP would be trampling over each other to call for an investigation.

As the GOP works to silence any thought of investigating 1/6.

The GOP's writing is on the wall, so blatantly. Cover-up Trump's crimes. Cover up 1/6's criminal insurrection.

Clandestine activities.

Again, think of it like this..
If they were innocent, investigations would exonerate them. They should welcome investigations.

Unless they're guilty and have a crime to hide.

Did Manchin already forget his miserable time in the senate minority?

When Dems were the senate minority..

Did Manchin have fun as a minority senator?

Manchin, are you yearning for the golden days of past when the GOP controlled your chamber?

Stay on the path your on, Joe. Steady your course.

The GOP has grand plans for you. You can pour their tea.

Joe, its been 6 months. Have you forgotten how ugly it is under Rethug control.

Help us win by helping people vote freely and fairly.

For some reason, I know you have it in you.

Sen Manchin, your eternal legacy will be that of a do-nothing obstructionist.

The filibuster is an enemy of democracy.

To Sen Manchin, it's not too late to change your legacy by supporting your Democratic colleagues and ending the filibuster.

Save your legacy by getting on board or history books will forever immortalize you as an obstructionist.

Get vaccinated or get the fuck out of the USA.

Leave the USA if you're that fucking stupid.

Trumpster vaccine deniers are a cancer that needs to leave the USA.

Find another country to spread your fascist anti-science stupidity.

Vaccine denial is unpatriotic.

Start spreading the word. Call them unpatriotic!

Using reverse psychology, how to encourage Trumpsters to get vaccinated..

To the TrumpQster

Don't get vaccinated. If there is a higher power, maybe that power will inflict you with covid and take you out.

Your death will help us defeat Trumpism. Or prepare to live out your life with an oxygen tube, like my 80 year old Trump loving uncle. Funny, he's changed his tune since. He can barely breathe anymore.

Fewer Trumpsters, fewer votes for Trump.

Do society a favor and expedite your death.

Yes, this may sound cruel and terrible, but I'm done giving a fuck about these assholes.

Get vaccinated or find another country to live in.
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