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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 522

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

I'm begging the Biden campaign to demand the truth from Infectedcheeto about the timeline of his..

first POZ test for covid-19.

Did Trump test positive before the debate? Did he actually know that he was infected and went on with the debate anyway?

How callous and uncaring can he be, if the above is true? Trump does something every fucking day that proves he is one of the most despicable human beings ever born.

If true, the truth will be devastating to the Trump campaign. Rightly so.

Joe is being classy in these weird times. Trump doesn't deserve to be treated with ANY class at all.

He is nothing but a treasonous traitor. He is a fascist asshole and a total turd of a human being.

To team Joe, please demand the truth from Trump. The truth could propel Joe to a landslide victory in November.

Speaking from my own covid-19 illness in March..

I showed symptoms for 3 full weeks. I fully quarantined for 6 weeks.

It took 3 full weeks to clear my symptoms.

My symptoms..

Restricted breathing. Difficulty drawing in a full breath.

Dry cough.

Body chills.

My beloved sister and niece delivered groceries to my doorstep for a month to my doorstep through a tearfilled window for a month+.

My point..

Trump, the SUPERINFECTOR will remain contagious for a full 30 days beyond his diagnosis, is already implying he will once again hit the campaign trail ready to campaign..

once again he will spread covid to more and more people, with out giving a shit.

Orange super-spreader will callously, carelessly spread this virus in careless fashion.

Trump is a patient-zero-type super spreader.

What else needs to be said?

Biden's plan to save Social Security is progress in action.

Biden just put out an ad that I watched yesterday during a meaningless college football game about his plan to save SS from the orange bag of shit. I'll touch on this ad at the end of this thread, were I need DU's help with a web/youtube search..

Biden's plan..

1. Lifting the infamous $115,000 income cap on the FICA tax. If you earn $115k(approx) you stop paying FICA. That 115k number might be outdated. I knew that # from years ago, anyone give an updated number of the 2020 rate?


Trump will bankrupt SS by 2023.

2. Biden will increase SS benefits for the most vulnerable/aged seniors. Those on SS for 20+ years will see a benefit increase due to increased need. It ain't easy getting old. I'm 49 and already feeling it.

Biden's plan also calls for increasing the smallest SS payments to keep people out of poverty, for people that had lower earnings in their working days.

3. Biden plan will also shore up Medicare. Vital to seniors. A direct lifeline to them.

Those 3 points might be an par with the most progressive ideas that I've heard in my 49 year old lifetime, and I've followed politics closely since I was about 8 years old. I'm a nerdy poll watcher. I eat this stuff up like a vacuum cleaner since I was a kid.

Joe is the real deal.

I admit, I'm a former Bernie dude but Joe has highly impressed me. Like my screenname says, I'm all in 4 Joe/Kamala.

Now, on to the "help" part I talked about earlier in this rant..

Biden put out this new ad very recently. I'd seen his pro-SS ad from about a month ago but this new ad played on that older ad even further.

It is a fucking home run and Biden needs to hammer this one home until 11/3.

The difference between this new SS ad and the older one is Biden lays out details of how he will save SS.

The keys to this new ad..

Biden will increase FICA on the wealthiest US citizens.

Biden will ad up to $1,300 a month to aging seniors who've been on SS for 20+ years.

Biden will increase the monthly benefits to the recipients of the smallest SS payments to move them above the poverty line.

Can anyone who is a tad more internet/search savvy find that ad and post it in the comments? I'll be eternally thankful and will make a new thread to give Joe's ad more love and will thank you in that new post.

To Joe, run that ad until winning day, 11/3.

Biden's SS plan is among the most progressive plans I've seen from a Dem in my 49 year old existence.

And I'm a curmudgeony old yellow dog.

Joe, I'm impressed.

I talk to my elderly neighbors and have convinced them to change to supporting Joe/Kamala because of SS.

Please DU, help me find this ad and post it in the comments.

To Joe and Kamala: Protect yourselves from these stupid fucking BS debates by not participating.

Debates are covid hotspots.

I've always felt that debates are FREE platforms for Rethugs to lie there asses off. Many voters tune in to watch debates and it's the same old shit. Rethugs advancing their bullshit because they've been given a FREE platform to barf out their lies.

Ray-gun, Nixon made that tactic famous. The Bushes and Trump have mastered it.

Pence will regurgitate it.

All while exposing our beloved candidates, Joe and Kamala to covid.

Debates have never helped Dems since Nixon because of the lies told be Rethug candidates.

Fuck the covid spreading debates. Skip them.

Keep Joe and Kamala safe and healthy.

Don't give a televised platform to Rethugs to spread their lies.

Now is the perfect time to come out for legal recreational pot..

Pot is popular across most political spectrums.

It will bring in younger voters.

Many states will be decided by a handful of votes, meaning that small issues, like pot could tip elections.

Issues like these put the Democratic Party IN TOUCH with voters. Issues like these lure in voters that otherwise wouldn't give a SHIT about voting.

Give young voters a reason to turn out.

Make our party attractive to young voters.

And we will win in November.

Biden can win on these issues.

What more must Putin do to cross that threshhold..

of using chemical nerve agents to assassinate political opponents?

Isn't that tactic banned by the Geneva Convention?

When will Putin be indicted?

When will the world stand up to that shitbag and imprison him for life?

I wonder, will Trump resort to the same tactics?

Another ugly day for stocks, as Nasdaq tumbles

Source: CNN Business

It's another rough day on Wall Street, as the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is tumbling once again.

The market rout that started last week and included the worst day for stocks since June is clearly not over.

Several factors are weighing on investors' appetite for risky bets: worries about a resurgence of Covid-19 infections in the cooler winter months and the knock-on effect of the economic recovery, uncertainty surrounding the November presidential election and renewed US-China tensions. President Donald Trump said Monday that he wasn't "happy at all" with China and spoke about an economic "decoupling."

All three major stock indexes are sharply in the red at the start of the shortened Labor Day trading week, but they have bounced back from their session lows.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/another-ugly-day-for-stocks-as-nasdaq-tumbles/ar-BB18ONem?li=BBnbfcN

Sep-Oct are typically when market crashes occur. Not quite sure if this is the start of a crashing market or if it is just a correction..

As of this post..

Dow down 560

Nasdaq down 408

Nasdaq is getting battered as tech seems to be in a free fall.

If Biden wins and he accomplishes this one thing, I'd consider his presidency a major success.

Indict Trump for his numerous crimes.

Make an example. Throw the fucking book at the orange turd.

Send Trump to prison for the next 10 lifetimes.

Its been said before on DU, but I like the idea of creating an investigative panel of numerous criminal investigators with the sole purpose of bringing indictments to the Trump family of criminals. A large panel of numerous special prosecutors, because it will take an army of prosecutors to fully uncover the crimes of one of human history's most notorious criminal elected officials ever.

Indict the orange turd.

Indict Ivanka.

Indict Eric.

Indict Don jr.

Indict Kushnar.

Indict Barr.

Indict the numerous others that enabled, aided and abetted the most criminal regime in American history.

Again, make an example of Trump so that future politicians will see what happens when laws are broken on a fucking daily basis.

If elected: Joe, if you accomplish this feat, history will forever speak glowingly of your presidency.

That's a legacy I can forever stand behind!

Missing in action: Trump's bone spurs. Bone spurs don't just vanish.

Trump used his father's wealth to buy his way out of being drafted by claiming bone spurs.

He dodged the draft, not because he was opposed to war but because he didn't want to be drafted into war.

He used his wealth and privilege to dodge the draft.

He calls those who paid the ultimate price, with their lives, losers.

If Trump is going to call war dead losers, then show us your bone spurs, Mr President.

Or show us the medical records that prove you had them surgically removed.

Show us these bone spurs that are missing in action.

Trump's plan to kill Social Security by 2023 opens a door to valuable swing votes.

Death by de-funding.

Wipe out Social Security by making it insolvent. Bankrupt it. The GOP's plan for the past 80+ years.

Social Security is one of the most successful retirement financial security plans in HUMAN HISTORY.

Other nations have modeled their retirement security plans off of SS.

Which is why the GOP has spent the past 80+ years trying to kill it.

Trump is actively working to gut and kill SS.

Regarding voters that actually show up to vote, the elderly are typically the most reliable.

Democrats, campaign on the fact that Trump is secretly trying to kill SS by de-funding it into bankruptcy.

Our party will be rewarded with votes.

We're talking about bringing in the 5-10% of votes required to swing elections our way.

Win it with Social Security by telling the truth.
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