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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Doubling down on my assanine-10-11 (borrowing from Stephen A Smith)...

I got grilled like a cheap round steak in my last thread about Joe being our President-elect.

Others had also written threads about Joe winning this thing.

We all got lambasted for our early predictions.

My thread may have deserved its roasting by fellow DUers but also had its share of supporters. DUers are beyond excited to see Joe win. There is a genuine feeling of how we need a Biden victory to restore our democracy, while also a boat-load of political experience from fellow DUers who have watched politics closely for their lifetimes.

I blame it on my mother, and also thank her. I was born in 1970. At the ripe old age of 9, she made me go trick-or-treating with her while she was dressed up as Jimmy Carter, complete with a Ronald Who? sign hanging from her back. Full suit etc with a rubber Carter mask.

I had no interest in politics at age 9. But something about that evening changed me, forever.

The weird responses that Mom and I endured that evening opened my eyes. I became a political nerd. At age 9.

Because of that evening, I became a political nerd. I became a political-poll watcher. I became an election night trend watcher. I soon learned that Dem-leaning, high-populace precincts are typically the slowest to issue their final tallies.

Everything about this election is trending towards a Biden victory.

That's why myself and many others made premature calls for Biden's victory.

I'm doubling down. Biden is our President-elect.

But also, let's count every ballot. Then we can truly honor Joe for being #46.

Be happy. Please understand, I'm trying to cheer up DU from the shit-show that this election cycle has become.

Joe and all of us will prevail!

Joe Biden is our President-elect.

Regarding dRumpf..

The orange-felon has no path to victory.

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

In a padded holding cell.

To Joe, thank you for your grace throughout this shit-show.

Are Rethugs using covid as a sick kind of eugenics weapon?

Its time to call our their party for their total contempt of the seriousness of this pandemic.

Proud of my home state. Minny-fucking-too-cold-soda

Ah, Minnesota.

Blue as your shin after knocking it into your coffee table.

Reliably Dem since we evolved our fifth finger.

The ONLY state that elected Mondale in 1984 vs Ray-gun.

Perhaps, the cold has sapped our brain power. But it makes us more resilient in a different kind of way. We look out for each other.
If my neighbor loses his/her power. I'll gladly invite them in for a warm sleepover. Complete with a warm dinner and showers etc. This is known as a common courtesy. Neighbors helping neighbors.

That common courtesy built this state into the bluest state in the U.S.

Democrats, follow the Minnesota model.

We have progress figured out.

To Uncle Joe, we WILL deliver Mn for you on election day.

Dems can learn a lot from Minnesota's blue high standard of life.

Poetic justice

for every fascist thug that has burnt a ballot box

for Trump supporting mailpersons that have dumped mail-in ballots into a dumpster

for the Klansters that suppressed minority voting since the dawn of this nation

for Trump spewing his filth about the so-called "fraud" of mail-in ballots and early voting

for his cult followers that regurgitate that lie

For the GOP's voter ID scam

For every right wing attempt to suppress voting. The lengths that GOP'ers will go to to make voting more difficult for those with limited means.

Give a middle finger to all of the above by ending the electoral college.

Make America a Democracy again.

The past two GOP presidents have been elected while losing the popular vote. Bush in 2000. Trump in 2016.

Look at the damage that ensued.

The electoral college is killing our democracy, our nation, our people.

Ending the electoral college will be poetic justice.

Is Rush still enjoying his billowing clouds of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke?

As lung cancer, emphysema, and lung disease set-in.

Is he still giving his daily middle finger to the so-called "left" for issuing warning about the dangers of smoking and the dangers of 2nd hand smoke?

Rush bragged about his rock-solid fortitude. His ability to withstand the damage of smoking anything daily.

Rush, as your lungs deteriorate before your very eyes, will you open your eyes..

For the first time in your pathetic right-wing life, will you admit you were wrong?

By being wrong, it will cost you your life.

I've watched close family members lose their life's due to the scourge of smoking addiction.

I've seen lung cancer shrink them to a wasted, skeletal version of themselves before they die a horrid death. That same death awaits you, Rush.

Rush, do you still enjoy sitting in your billowing clouds of 2nd hand smoke? Is lung cancer still a liberal attempt to control your freedoms.

Tell us the truth, Rush as your lungs grow tighter. And you abiltiy to breathe shuts down.

Blame people like me.

Should Dems explore criminalizing manufactured scandals meant to sway elections?

The GOP's baseless bullshit against Hunter Biden.

The GOP's baseless swiftboating of John Kerry.

The GOP's baseless Benghazi of Hillary.


The Trump and GOP-led extremely racist Obama birth certificate so-called scandal.

I could go on and on with these bullshit, made-up, fake scandals.

All of those scandals produced nothing. NO indictments. No credible evidence of any wrong-doing or any law-breaking.

The GOP has wasted billions creating fake political scandals and then investigating them, only to end with zero results. No indictments, no evidence of law-breaking.

Pure bullshit meant to sway elections in favor of GOP candidates and assassinate the character of Dem candidates.

It is a pure attempt to sway elections and is a twisted tactic that wanders into the territory of voter tampering.

GOP fake scandals are voter tampering.

I admit, I'm not a legal mind. Would this legislation survive court challenges? Is it worth pursuing?

Fake scandals that produce nothing when it is clear that the outcome is meant to damage a political rival should be viewed as a blatant attempt at voter tampering.

And thus, criminalized with SEVERE penalties.

I'm 49 years old and that's my opinion based on a lifetime of watching the GOP pull this bullshit relentlessly ever since Nixon then Ray-gun, Bush, Mccain, Romney, and now Trump.

Attempting to sway the vote through voter tampering should be a federal high crime.

I will fight for this until the day I fucking die.

Remember, the GOP investigated these so-called scandals down to the bare bones. They've wasted billions of taxpayer dollars and produced nothing in return.

Lock them up.

In less than 3 weeks, we can END the past decade of GOP JACKASSERY.

The shit that President Obama had to put up with since 2010.

The constant baseless GOP-led investigations that produced nothing. Wasted untold amounts of taxpayer money with zero results. Wasted time, energy, money with nothing to show for it while diverting attention and resources away from doing their actual job of running our nation and addressing the real problems confronting us. The GOP has ignored our infrastructure, education, healthcare, roads, power grids, covid-19, the needs of the people.. I could go on all day.

2020 has been a brutal year. It caps a decade that I wish I could forget. As I look back through those dark ages, there was one ray of light.

President Obama. The 2010's would've been unbearable without him(and Joe by his side).

Enter the orange asshole, Trump.

We can end this fucking nightmare in 3 weeks.

We can end the past decade of GOP sewage by draining the sewer made by Trump.

Mitch FUCKING Mcturtle. May he lose or at least, let's make him the senate MINORITY leader.

In 3 weeks, WE can end the past decade of GOP authoritarianism and stone-walling every progressive idea.

I empathize for the year 2020. I feel pity for how history will treat 2020. It's been a brutal year without doubt. The loss of life, Covid-19.

But remember,
We have a chance to salvage 2020 by ending the GOP nightmare by electing Joe, Kamala, and Dems federal, state and locally.

Fellow DU'ers,
Be proud of who you are. Get excited. In 3 weeks we can change this nightmare into a new start. Biden will be like a breath of fresh air.

Get out and vote! Take your friends, family etc. Do early voting or mail-in. I have already sent in my mail-in ballot. All Dems of course.

If we do everything that we can to increase turnout, Joe will win.

Give 2020 a reprieve. Lets close out this painful year with some good news.

Turn-out, vote. With friends and family.

Elect Biden, save 2020.

Notice how NOTHING sticks to Joe, and that fact infuriates the orange lunatic..

Trump tried to call out Joe's mental health and acuity, only to see Biden show his spine vs Trump in their debate.
"Will you shut up, man?" - was epic..

Trump tried to call out Biden's stamina, only to have videos go viral of Don the Con walking hunched over like me when I throw out my back from an age old injury. He looked like a dead man walking.. I question Trump's stamina vs Joe's any day.

Hunter Biden. Is Hunter running for prez? Fuck no. What does he have to do with anything? This topic shows Trump's pathetic desperation. Trump knows he is losing this election and is grasping for any lifeline to boost his sorry ass campaign.

The GOP handbook on character assassination is devoid of the chapter of what to do when nothing sticks. Trump is furious because of that fact.

Poor Don, where is your swiftboat?

Wallow in your narcissistic cesspool, you orange fascist turd.

Joe will ride high to election day victory, when we can start the DE-TRUMPIFICATION of this great nation.

To fellow DU'ers what else has Trump tried to stick to Joe that has fallen flat on its face?

Ask anyone but especially Trump elderly supporters..

What is your financial plan if you live to be 100?

Is Social Security important? Will you be reliant/dependent on SS, especially long into your retirement years when you hit 80, 90+?

Will Social Security be an important part of your retirement income and financial security?

Will you rely on SS to keep a roof over your head?

Again, is Social Security an important lifeline for retirement security?

Donald Trump WILL bankrupt Social Security by 2023.

Ask them..
Are you going to allow Trump to bankrupt and attempt to kill one of human history's most successful social programs that has proven to be absolutely vital to the security of senior citizens?

What is your plan if Trump bankrupts Social Security? When you're 90 and health is starting to fail, will you be forced to go back to work? By the time you're 75 Social Security will be dying under Trump.
The reason I wrote this rant...
I recently asked my Trump loving mother these questions. She is 75. I asked her to open her eyes and research this. She did and got back to me. She sounded deflated at first, on the phone. Mom researched the links that I asked her to check out, including Biden's official website, CBO-congressional budget office etc..

I was shocked by what she said next. "I can't believe that fucking asshole will do that to SS. I'm switching to voting for Biden."

Mom rarely uses foul language. I was shocked. Not at the language but by the fact that I witnessed someone change their politics. Just by having their eyes opened.

Trump is like a flood of poisoned water. He is turning off his supporters every day. Many are on the edge of supporting him. Aging Trump supporters can be turned into Biden voters just by opening their eyes with facts. Swing voters will very likely sway toward Biden if their eyes are opened.

Social Security is the flag to rally under. Seniors are usually the most reliable voting block as far as turnout. SS is important to them.

Call on seniors to vote to protect Social Security by voting for Biden. Trust me, they listen.

Biden has a solid plan to save Social Security.

As an aging, crusty old vet myself,
I will vote for retirement security by voting for Biden and Dems.
(I dropped my mail-in vote into the post office drop slot yesterday.)
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