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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

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Give me(us) something to believe in.

Why is universal healthcare considered a left-wing fantasy?

Take EU nations as an example.

UHC is hardly a left-wing issue in Europe. It's widely supported by EU progressives, moderates and even many conservatives. Yes there are some cons that want to privatize but they tend to be a small minority throughout the EU.

EU politicians know that a push to privatize UHC would be their own political suicide. Similar to here, how some GOPers refuse to touch Social Security knowing it would be pol career suicide. In some Asian governments, chair fights would break out on legislative floors if some tried to push privatization of UHC.

Covid is changing people hearts and minds. Job losses are leaving many without health coverage. People's suffering will grow due to loss of coverage. I get it, not everyone supports UHC but covid is bringing more and more onboard with supporting a newer, better HC system.

UHC/MCFA should become a centrist fight.

The Democratic Party can stand tall and distinguish itself from the other side while also showing a major spine. In times of crisis, the people like to see a spine. The people need to see it.

Covid is a crisis that has everyone looking around for help that isn't there.

Dems can sell it to the public by framing it like this..
UHC will be critical in our fight against Covid and future pandemics.

STOP treating UHC like a left-wing cause when it needs to become a fight for ALL Dems.

Give the people something to believe in and we just may lure in those elusive swing voters that swing elections our way. As far as the way people think or their opinions regarding UHC, covid is changing the game.

Now is the time to fight for UHC/MCA.


As my eyes open, it's becoming clearer..

Trump is avoiding concession and a smooth transition in order to hide his wrong-doing from team Joe.

The uncovering of Trump's refusal to order from Pfizer back in June is the perfect example.

Restore the Fairness Doctrine to pull our country out of its right-wing nosedive.

If we win both senate run-off races in Ga, that'd make things a lot easier to restore the FD.

This topic may just be the most important policy fight because it will help pull our nation's head out of its right-wing asshole.

Honestly, I can't think of a more important fight, right now.

RW media is a cancer to our entire nation. The Fairness Doctrine is the cure.

I hope Joe and Dems fight for this and that VP Kamala casts the tie-breaking vote in the senate.

The future of our party is at stake.

Anti-maskers likely kill more Agent Orange supporters/MAGATS than any other cause..

it was just recently reported that COVID has surpassed heart disease as the USA's #1 killer.

Remind Trump supporters, save youselves so you can vote for the Orange Felon in 2024.

Your voter numbers are quickly depleting due to your freedumb.

Former Alabama senator dies of Covid, in his last words warns, 'We messed up'

Source: NBC NEWS

A former Alabama state senator died of Covid-19 last week at age 78, officials said.

Former Sen. Larry Dixon, a Republican who also served as the executive director of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, died from Covid-19 on Dec. 4, the board said in a statement on Friday.

Dr. David Thrasher, a close friend of Dixon and a pulmonologist in Montgomery, told NBC News that Dixon's wife, Gaynell Dixon, told Thrasher that his last words to her were a prescient warning to the people of Alabama.

“We messed up, we let our guard down,” Dixon said, according to Thrasher. “Please tell everybody to be careful. This is real, and if you get diagnosed, get help immediately.”

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/former-alabama-senator-dies-of-covid-in-his-last-words-warns-we-messed-up/ar-BB1bHXkE?li=BBnbcA1

Another one bites the dust. Did the retired rethug thank Trump for "messing up"?

We can choose to indict Agent Orange, or face him again in 4 years.

Although, as many others here have alluded to, Trumps KFC, McDonald's, BK addiction will likely kill him first. If one looks closely at his boiling skin, we can see what his diet is doing to him from the inside-out. Imagine him without makeup, without base.

Personally, I'm a fan of indicting Trump for his numerous crimes because he broke the laws that we would be prosecuted for.

I'm tired of pols, especially presidents, being above the law.

Prosecute Trump as a reminder to current and future pols that they will be prosecuted for their criminal offenses.

Imagine if Nixon had been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Think of how much differently pols would act today. If they had legal counsel and advisors reminding them that hey, said actions could land Mr Prez in jail, would they still commit crimes?

Despite tough prosecution, political crimes still happen but usually related to greed, bribery and associated corruption and the idiotic belief that they can hide their crimes and get away with it.. (Blagojevich in Illinois is a great example)

A presidents crimes however, are much tougher to hide.

Trump is the perfect example of such a criminal.

There are 3 choices..

1. Indict, prosecute, convict, imprison.

2. Face him again in 4 years.

3. Watch his diet cause his funeral procession on TV.

Let's highlight the damage caused by Trump and the GOP's rejection of science.

I'll try to keep it short and sweet..

Trump and the GOPs rejection of science damages our planet, our health, and the health of our nation.

Global warming - we are simply running out of time to save this planet's ability to sustain life. Rising oceans, flooding, increased severe weather events, growing deserts, climate shift, extinction of sensitive species, greater difficulty growing food, famine, war.

Covid - Trump's "hoax" has killed 270000+ in 10 months. It has created a nationwide shortage of healthcare, docs, nurses, medical supplies and hospital beds. This might be the greatest crisis our country has ever seen. Self-inflicted by Trump.

Evolution - The GOP has long rejected the proven science of evolution as a back door attempt to restore christian fundamentalism and its conservative war against everything that doesn't keep white christian cons in power.

Oil pipelines and their spills, flooding our rivers with oil.

Fracking and its associated pollution and geographic degradation.

since math is a discipline of science..

They reject the math that proves the destructive effects of the wealth divide.

Carbon emissions - Ex-congresswoman Michelle Bauchman and Trump both think more carbon equals a greener world.

Shrinking and disappearing glaciers, many of which were hundreds, or thousands of years old.

Poles are melting.

They reject the science that proves that we need environmental standards in order to regulate.

Pollution - they reject the science that proves the toxic effects of pollution on our health and environment.

Agent Orange and the GOP's rejection of science are national security threats that also threaten the health of our entire biosphere.
Are these threats wandering into criminal territory? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Agent Orange's narcissistic lack of empathy and rejection of science..

have caused the latest explosion of covid.

But even worse, it has created hospital staff, equipment shortages. It has also created shortages of hospital beds for sick patients.

Doctors are now forced to ration care to those severe cases of covid. Doctors are being forced to choose between who to treat, who they can attempt to save, and those too far gone to save.

This rationing is killing patients that they might otherwise be able to save. Doctors have no choice as they are overwhelmed by those sickened by covid.

Hospitals, doctors and nurses are being overwhelmed to a point that they are forced to make these grim choices.

They simply have no alternative.

It's wearing our doctors and nurses thin as they struggle emotionally with the horror they are witnessing on a daily basis.

Trump's rejection of science and his choice to ignore the devastating effects of covid have now led to more than 270,000 in the 10 months since covid started spreading. It has caused a national crisis throughout our entire healthcare system.

Have governors issued any state of emergency orders? If not, it's time. Their hospitals are beyond critical level of emergency.

Agent Orange's pandemic is burning our country to the ground. As in scorched earth.

The presidential oath is a legally binding required oath of office..

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Trump's willful actions and choices violate that oath. To the tune of 270000+ dead US citizens in 10 months.

Covid is now becoming a leading cause of death in the US. It may soon rival heart disease. The sick part, so many of these deaths could have been avoided with better leadership.

Trump and the GOP's refusal to help states with additional covid funding and stimulus have created this new hospital shortage crisis.

Said funding could've hired more front-line healthcare workers, bought more hospital equipment, purchased more medications that may aid the fight against covid, and built more temporary quarantine facilities for overflow patients.

Has Trump not violated his oath to a criminal level? The same can be said about almost the entire GOP that have stone-walled new covid funding for states. The GOPs stone-walling has become the #1 national security threat that we've ever seen.

In 1989; 50,000 US citizens were killed by drunk drivers. Then we woke up, and regulated.

The results..

(Still too high)
About 10,000 US citizens die annually due to drunk driving crashes as of 2019.

As a former over-the-road truck driver, I've encountered drunk driving crashes on our highways. I've helped EMT's remove a persons legs from a crashed car, then their torso. Get the meaning of the seriousness of drunk driving crashes?

Yes, that is 100% true.

Regulation is a necessary function. It results from dangerous wrong-doing. From environmental destruction to banks preying on the impoverished to drunk drivers killing innocent families..

Regulation works.

Never let a GOPer tell you that regulation is a bad thing.

as Agent Orange enters into the death throes of his illegitimate presidency..

It's being speculated that the orange felon is preparing some 3 dozen orders in regards to environment, immigration, etc

He will attempt to scorch the earth in the dying final days of his presidency. He's scorched it since 2016.

He will cement his authoritarian, evil legacy as one of history's most vile and despicable humans to ever hold office.

His partner in crime, Mike Pence has clearly exposed his own spinelessness by remaining silent on election outcomes. Aspiring leaders should never stay silent on any important subject.

Pence is a weak-willed, wooden puppet. His cowardice proves he is unfit to hold any office and there should be calls for his immediate resignation.

History will cement the legacies of these two fascist tyrants as they attempt to scorch democracy in their final dying days.

Trump and Pence will attempt to crash the United States. They're both national security threats.

Democrats, call Trumps lame-duck presidency a natl security threat.
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