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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 542

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

How to convince gQp Trumpsters to get covid vaccinated. Bill Gates' micro-chip can set you free..

If you receive the vaccination you'll benefit..

You'll get free, sound financial advice. Bill can whisper in your ear, from inside your body.

You'll receive free, sound investment advice from a billionaire 100's of times over. Worried about that hot, trending stock pick? Bill will let you know. Gates will use 5G to communicate with you in real time and let you know that you are an investment amateur. Your left leg may start shaking and you'll have the sudden urge to pee yourself.

Your cell phone reception will improve.

You'll become a WIFI hotspot.

You can sync your body to your bluetooth devices.

You can become an emergency radio beacon.

This will become the ultimate survival tool when the system collapses because of big-government.

You'll be able to shoot lasers from your mouth, via your teeth fillings and melt liberal faces.

You'll be granted all of these super-powers if you just get the fucking shot!

Join us in getting vaccinated. Then you too can emit radiation and melt down your commie enemies.

(edit: to be clear, this is all sarcasm, satire)

John Kerry deserves a national apology.

For the lies told about him during the swiftboat campaign.

Kerry was awarded the Purple Heart, three times.(on edit, thanks to karynnj!)

John Kerry has dedicated his life to progressive service.

What else can I say? This man is a hero to me.

instead of facing Trump in '24, indict, prosecute, imprison him now. Or, we'll likely face him in 24

release the unredacted Mueller report, today when Garland is AG instead of Barr. Release the full unredacted report to the public.

Appoint a team of special prosecutors.

Does anyone doubt what a team of real prosecutors would unveil if they investigated Trump-Barr crimes?

Prosecute and imprison Trump, or we may well face him again in '24.

The demand for special prosecutors is far out-weighing the supply.

This is the way to prosecute Trump. What else can I say? I don't have any more words.

My bucket list includes..

one day, I will piss on Donald Trump's grave.

I'll drink at least a six-pack of beer first..

One of those guttural pisses. As in draining my soul, purging it of evil.

Or, you can choose to be buried, ass-up.

So I have a place to park my bike, before I relieve myself.

That's all your worthy of, you fascist fuck-face.

Release the un-redacted Mueller report on Trump. A shout-out to a fellow DUer..

I have to give a shout-out to a fellow DUer that replied to another OP I wrote about urging USAG Garland to appoint a team of special prosecutors to indict Trump..

DUer edhopper replied with 6 of the most powerful words I've ever read..

"Release the fucking unredacted Mueller report!"

Releasing this report will likely start the ball in motion toward appointing a team of special prosecutors that will likely lead to the indictment of Donald Trump.

Most certainly, an important, vital first step.

Thank you edhopper!

To investigate and indict Trump, appoint a team of special prosecutors.

USAG Merrick Garland inherited a f-ing shit-show from Barr and Trump.

Can you Imagine having to clean-up the Department of Justice after Trump-Barr?

How can we urge USAG Garland to appoint a team of special prosecutors to investigate Trump-Barr crimes?

Regarding "that" team of special prosecutors..
Can you imagine their findings?

Trump's poison would be laid bare before the eyes of the U.S. people.

Special prosecutors would expose Trump like nothing else. It would embarrass the U.S's right wing.

It will expose them.

I received my first(Pfizer) covid vaccination this past Friday..

I have an appointment scheduled for May 28th to receive my second shot.

I just wanted to write this OP to share my experience.

There's not much to this story. I went online and scheduled both injections with a well known pharmacy company. They had several appointment openings for the following day to receive the first shot.

The injection site was upper arm near the shoulder. I hardly felt anything, a near pain-free injection done by a very cool nurse that we had a few good laughs during the quick process.

I felt great walking out of that "clinic".

It felt good to get the process started. I felt like I was doing my part to help stomp out covid.

That's all I've felt since. ZERO side effects. Nothing bad. Nothing at all other than the good feeling that I'm trying to be a responsible citizen.

No tiredness. No flu-like symptoms, nothing. Several of my family members report the same. Zero side effects but a feeling of happiness, knowing they are vaccinated.

I still need my second shot to be fully vaccinated and eagerly await May 28th.

Likely, the only side effect you'll see is the feeling of happiness that comes from doing your part to get vaccinated.

It's a wonderful feeling.

Don't be afraid to get vaccinated. It's worth it. Trust me.

Get Vaccinated! Appointments are quick, easy, and available.

Let's all do our part and wipe out this fucking scourge once and for all.

I'm HIV+ 19 years and healthy. I've participated in numerous HIV drug trials.

Dr. D.

I won't say anything else to protect his identity. He has led more than 300 clinical trials on anti-HIV medicines. He has helped the FDA approve almost every anti-HIV drug on the market today.

I have participated in many of these drug trials.

Dr. D. is a modern hero. Worthy of a Nobel Prize.

His research helped wipe out HIV. We've beaten down HIV to just another disease that can be treated with meds, down to a minor thing.

Today's meds bring HIV to UNDETECTABLE levels within 30-60 days.


This same research helped develop covid vaccines.

We are defeating covid because of what we learned from defeating HIV.

I have participated in several different HIV drug trials under Dr. D's guidance. Several of these drugs went on to win FDA approval and are leading HIV-killers to this day.

Medicine and science will kick covid's ass.

Science has defeated the invincible disease. HIV.

Covid is weak compared to HIV.

Get vaccinated!

(ON edit: I'm 50 years old to give a bit of context.)

The case for President Uncle Joe's political genius: Merrick Garland, USAG.

United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

While I'd still prefer him to be seated as a Supreme Court justice and thought that he was thoroughly rail-roaded during his confirmation hearing by the Fascist GOP,

he may be even better in his current position as chief prosecutor of U.S. law.

Today, Garland won a major ruling in U.S. district court. As highlighted in a couple of popular DU OP's..

Garland is a force to reckon with. A real legal mind. An encyclopedic knowledge of the law.

He knows how to bring an indictment forth. Today's ruling against Trump and Barr prove it.

No more Trump stone-walling, no more Barr obstruction.

Garland laid them to waste. Bring on the indictments. Garland now has the traction to do so.

Smart prosecutors have the ability to do so.

Biden confirmed a legal-minded genius to the position of U.S. Attorney General.

Agent Orange, you better lawyer-the-fuck-up.

Lifting the RACIST veil behind the term "WOKE".

The latest term used by right-wing racists, sexists, antigay bigots.

Used commonly by Fucker Carlson, Hannity, and almost every RW nutjob on youtube and other similar social media outlets.

I'm surprised that Mike Lindell didn't call his new social media website, WOKE instead of FRANK.

Consider WOKE as the newest derogatory term. It is veiled racism.

Right-wingers, are you really this fucking stupid that reasonable people wouldn't be able to see through your bullshit?

WOKE is today's racial slur.

I'd like to see Dem leaders call out the racists that use this term.
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